Hogwarts Legacy Developer Hiring Senior Character Artist

The universe of Harry Potter has always been full of exciting creatures, monsters, and magical entities not quite human. That’s part of what makes the forthcoming release of Hogwarts Legacy so exciting, with players finally able to interact with these creatures in a way otherwise never experienced. One interesting job listing for Hogwarts Legacy reveals some details regarding the development and creation of these fantastic beasts.

A job listing for WB Games and Avalanche Software asking for Senior Character Artist applicants shares some insight into what goes into the creation of the Harry Potter universe’s most iconic creatures for a video game. The listing discusses the creation of character assets utilizing several key systems. For example, Hogwarts Legacy features systems for asset creation specifically for not only hair, clothing, and skin, but also fur and other related character systems. It’s just a glimpse at the diversity within the Harry Potter universe.


Daily tasks for the position even include tasks to “Create both Human and Creature Anatomy/Faces.” NPCs for Hogwarts Legacy, are certain to consist of not only humans, but also non-humans, and all manner of fantastical beasts as enemies and otherwise. For an artist on the Hogwarts Legacy team, it’s not just a matter of creating visually appealing human students like Hemione, Ron, and Harry, but beautiful and believable fantasy creatures, too.

senior character artist job listing

As for what kinds of non-human characters players might interact with in Hogwarts Legacy, the list grows with the imagination. Elves and Goblins are likely the two easiest answers, as they’re found within Hogwarts itself as servants/slaves and teachers, respectively. Centaurs, poltergeists, giants, also seem likely, being frequently found within Hogwarts or around its grounds. It wouldn’t be a fantasy-action game without creatures big, small, and magical, though. Dragons, cats, owls, snakes, and maybe even a phoenix could show up. The Harry Potter books are filled with animals and creatures, after all.

The job listing also mentions that applicants’ experience should have a preference for “human anatomy,” as Hogwarts Legacy will still primarily revolve around normal humans, including via character creation. A leak of the Hogwarts Legacy character creation page revealed options for in-depth facial features and clothing.

While Hogwarts Legacy players won’t be elves, centaurs, or dragons themselves, unless there’s a quest with a special spell, they’ll still want to belong in the Harry Potter universe. WB Games is adding gender options for Hogwarts Legacy, like custom voice and body type options, and choice of witch or wizard dormitories, just to ensure players feel at home in the game. The artist that fills this job listing will likely help bring players’ creations to life in vivid detail, and then fill that world will the imagination and fantasy fans expect from Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy releases in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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