Hideo Kojima Uses Twitter To Hint About New Project

Gaming industry icon Hideo Kojima shares a post on Twitter, providing hints that there is a new project that he is currently working on.

With Hideo Kojima being one of the most followed video game icons in the industry, it is not surprising that fans follow and hold on to his every post on social media. Much like Super Smash Brothers’ Masahiro Sakurai, Kojima often takes to social media to tease fans about any projects under his self-named video game development company, Kojima Productions. Just recently, Kojima shared a mysterious post on Twitter, hinting about a new project that he is currently working on.


2021 was a big year for Kojima Productions. Not only did Death Stranding release a director’s cut version for the PlayStation 5 last September 2021, but the company also announced that it was expanding to have dedicated television, music, and film divisions in its Los Angeles headquarters. What’s more, Kojima shared in some interviews that upcoming games were being produced by the company. Though no official details were being shared yet by the game designer and Kojima Productions, avid fans are likely excited to see what projects the well-known f gures is personally overseeing and working on.

On Twitter, Kojima posted a mysterious photo that immediately drew the attention of his long-time fans. In the post, he shares a single photo that seems to be taken using his smartphone’s camera. Featured in the photo is a single blue folder, labeled with Japanese text. His fans immediately used translation apps and Google Translate to decipher the text, and most confirmed that the folder is titled “new project” or “new plan.” Given that Kojima talked about producing two new video games in the past few months, his post could be about any of his company’s current projects.

Of course, other fans are also still holding onto hope that a new Silent Hill or Metal Gear video game would be one of the projects Kojima is working on. However, with the lack of confirmation from Kojima Productions, and the game designer himself, fans will likely have to keep hoping for actual news from official platforms. Nevertheless, Kojima’s posts offer a great indication of video game production progress, and will likely entice fans to keep checking his social media post for any official news.

Though Kojima mostly uses Twitter to repost content he finds interesting, or share his personal reviews on pop culture films or series, little snippets of Kojima Productions’ video game development like these are likely what his almost one million followers wait for. Hopefully, they will not be disappointed and more official updates will be shared by the public figure soon.

Source: Gamerant

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