Halo Infinite BTB Fix Didn’t Completely Fix BTB Matchmaking Issues

Despite releasing a hotfix for Big Team Battle matchmaking, 343 Industries reveals that connectivity problems continue to persist for gamers.

Releasing last December, Halo Infinite brought not only a new campaign involving the Master Chief but also a group of multiplayer modes for gamers to check out. Among these game modes was the chaotic Big Team Battle. With a variety of new maps and an increased player count of 12 Spartans per team, Big Team Battle for Halo Infinite was poised to be one of the best versions of the game mode in the series. However, numerous connectivity issues during matchmaking have ruined the experience for many.


Recently, a new hotfix went live for Halo Infinite. According to 343 Industries, this patch was focused on fixing matchmaking issues impacting the Big Team Battle playlist. While this news was initially encouraging for Big Team Battle enthusiasts, it appears that the update left a lot to be desired.

Following the release of this hotfix, 343 Industries subsequently provided another update via a Halo Waypoint forum. In the post, the developer discussed the recent patch released for Halo Infinite and its less than satisfactory results. While the game studio had hoped this latest hotfix would resolve the matchmaking issues, it regrettably informed the player base that the problems persisted. Despite seeing some minor improvements, it admitted things were far from perfect. “Matchmaking is still not working as expected,” the developer post read.

halo infinite spartan lineup blur

This news is doubtlessly disappointing for many fans that have been waiting for an opportunity to jump back into Big Team Battle matchmaking. However, the developers at 343 Industries stressed that the issues with the game were equally frustrating for them. In addition, they claimed that more fixes to address the problems plaguing the mode would be coming in the future. With that being said, an exact date for when those additional patches could go live is unclear, meaning that fans might have to wait a while longer before the game is operating as it should.

Despite the disheartening update regarding the Big Team Battle mode, there was one piece of good news. The developer post revealed that 5 XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps went live along with the hotfix. This meant that players logging in any time before 10 am on February 16 would automatically receive these rewards for free.

These connectivity problems in Big Team Battle matchmaking are just one of many problems that players have had to face in recent days while playing Halo Infinite. Besides these issues, players have experienced annoying desync in all multiplayer modes. It will be interesting to see how the developers address these problems moving forward. Hopefully, they can return things to working order quickly so that fans can get back to enjoying the chaotic gameplay of Big Team Battle.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Halo Waypoint

Source: Gamerant

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