GTA Online Player Tricks Griefer

A Grand Theft Auto Online player shares a video that shows them tricking a griefer using an Oppressor MK II hoverbike.

Since the original release of Grand Theft Auto Online, there have been griefers, and now one player has clipped the moment in which they cleverly trick a griefer that wouldn’t leave them alone. Grand Theft Auto Online has undergone many changes since it was first launched back in 2013, and the latest updates continue to draw millions of players.

A Reddit user has garnered over 2,600 upvotes on a post that shows their perfect counter to a Grand Theft Auto Online griefer using a Pegassi Oppressor MK II hoverbike and its powerful rockets. Many players that have unlocked the aforementioned hoverbike have been using it to grief other players thanks to its incredible speed and acceleration mixed with the powerful rockets that it can shoot at unsuspecting characters and Grand Theft Auto vehicles alike.


Reddit user Re1ease1337 recently shared a video of their experiences with a griefer in GTA Online who wouldn’t leave them alone. The clip begins with the player driving a black champion out of a GTA Online garage as an Oppressor MK II hoverbike slams on its hood before soaring around the roof of a nearby building. As Re1ease1337 starts to drive away, the hoverbike quickly approaches from the distance, with the camera maintaining visuals on the griefer as the car attempts to dodge the airborne griefer.

Re1ease1337 switches to one of their pistols as they turn their Champion onto a street and start weaving through traffic from left to right in order to dodge missiles being shot by the Oppressor MK II. The player makes it across a GTA Online Los Santos bridge as a missile explodes upon contact with a nearby building, with the next shot narrowly missing the top of Re1ease1337’s car. Reaching an intersection, Re1ease1337 slams the brakes and does a slow donut which causes the pursuing griefer to shoot the ground in front of them, exploding the hoverbike and killing them.

Because the GTA Online Oppressor MK II is commonly used in griefing, Re1ease1337’s trick may become widely used as more players drive unpredictably to use the missiles against the hoverbikes. The video concludes with the defeat of the griefer, so it’s currently unclear if Re1ease1337 encountered them again after respawning or if they were able to enjoy their gameplay after the impressive play.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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