God of War Gets PC Features Trailer

PlayStation releases new God of War PC trailer detailing some of the new features coming to the game when it launches next year.

The God of War PC port is going to open the door for many who have yet to experience the game, as well as let many experience it in wholly new ways. With a little over a month to go, PlayStation has released a new trailer detailing what players can expect from God of War on PC.

PlayStation made waves with its original announcement of God of War coming to PC in 2022, it being just another step into the company’s slow adoption of the PC audience. This trailer was simply one for announcing the port, not detailing any of this version’s specifications, though they would be coming at a later date. As Santa Monica Studio is busy finishing God of War: Ragnarok for its 2022 release, the port of God of War has been primarily handled by Jetpack Interactive.


God of War‘s PC Features trailer has arrived, detailing some of the technical improvements Jetpack Interactive has made to the game. Players with Nvidia GPUs can look forward to an Nvidia DLSS AI Performance Boost, helping the game retain high frame rates at increased resolutions, as well as Nvidia Reflex, a system that reduces input latency. AMD GPU users aren’t being left out to dry with enhancements, though, as God of War on PC supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, making their visuals more refined as well. Lastly, both GPUs will benefit from a variety of graphical enhancements like higher-resolution shadows, improved screen-space reflections, and more detailed assets.

While this trailer may be enough to satisfy players, others may be more skeptical and will believe it when they see it due to PlayStation’s mixed PC track record. While most games have launched in fair enough condition, many still remember the problems that plagued Horizon Zero Dawn‘s PC release in 2020, from a general lack of optimzation, to more crazy problems like resolution scaling, and an unpredictable frame rate. Horizon Zero Dawn on PC has seen many updates that have worked to fix many of these issues, though, and is in a much better state than it was when it launched. PlayStation has made it point of putting some of its games (particularly older ones) on PC with the Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection coming in 2022.

From how it sounds, though, God of War on PC should be a pretty exciting experience for those who have been waiting for its release. Gamers with powerful rigs have a lot of new toys and features to mess around with, while those with modest setups will get an enjoyable experience as well. Perhaps the most anticipated (and maybe, worrisome) part of God of War on PC is the modding potential, and just what insane things will find their way into the beloved game. As long as the game is functional on release, then things should hopefully be okay.

God of War is available on PS4 and comes to PC on January 14, 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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