Genshin Impact Player Gifted Genesis Crystals by Stranger They Met at Work

Two Genshin Impact players bond over the game at a McDonald’s and exchange UID numbers to link up, with one receiving Genesis Crystals as a gift.

Many members of the online gaming community are known for giving back to and helping their fellow gamers reach new heights and a Genshin Impact player is being praised for the generosity they had for a stranger. During another Genshin Impact player’s break at McDonald’s, this player was gifted Genesis Crystals after being asked for their UID number.

Reddit user Normal_idiot2004 recently posted a wholesome story of a Genshin Impact player that the community is hailing as a Chad after he gave them a gift upon becoming friends with them in the miHoYo RPG. Normal_idiot2004 created the post in order to thank the fellow Genshin Impact player publicly while likely thanking them privately as well. The Reddit user stated that their day was already made from the conversation they had with this new friend but was delighted to discover the $15 gift upon arriving at home after a nine-hour shift.


Normal_idiot2004 was on break at McDonald’s when they met the Genshin Impact player who noticed them playing the game and started conversing with them about it. The Reddit user mentioned that they were going to buy the Keqing skin, but they responsibly decided to wait for their next paycheck. After exchanging information with the stranger at McDonald’s, Normal_idiot’s new friend had already sent them a $15 pack of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals for the Keqing skin by the time they concluded their nine-hour shift.

While discussing their favorite aspects of miHoYo’s popular RPG, Adventure Rank, and other things, Normal_idiot2004 asked the Genshin Impact fan about how to conquer the Spiral Abyss. According to Normal_idiot2004, they’ve been able to acquire more than 35 stars as a result of the Genshin Impact expert’s advice, making their meeting even more rewarding. Stars are just as important in Genshin Impact as Genesis Crystals, as they help with forming better team compositions.

Because both Genshin Impact players exchanged UID numbers and Normal_idiot2004 has confirmed they received the Genesis Crystals, the Reddit user will be able to show off their new Keqing skin to their new Genshin Impact friend. It’s currently unclear if the two players have been able to explore the world of Teyvat yet, but they have an unforgettable origin story to their Genshin Impact friendship that already extends beyond the game into the real world. Thanks to this gift of Genesis Crystals from the former stranger, Normal_idiot2004 will be able to put that money to further use or buy another skin such as Ningguang’s new Genshin Impact skin with it.

Genshin Impact is available right now for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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