Genshin Impact Leaks Navia’s Kit


  • Navia, a five-star female unit in Genshin Impact, is rooted in the Fontaine region and has offensive capabilities that make her suitable for any team composition.
  • Players can expect Navia’s gameplay to revolve around Crystallize shards, which increase her damage-dealing capacity and provide useful buffs when consumed.
  • Navia’s Constellations will enhance her offensive abilities by granting Geo infusion, and she may have off-field utility in her kit, according to player expectations.

Recent leaks from Genshin Impact have revealed a bit more about Navia’s kit, which is seemingly built upon Geo damage. Genshin Impact will soon introduce players to the five-star female unit Navia, who is rooted in the Fontaine region. According to previous leaks, she will fit into every type of composition thanks to her offensive capabilities. Navia was first revealed as part of a trailer dedicated to the version 4.0 update, and details about her backstory have been sparse since then.

Genshin Impact recently brought new characters to the current banner in version 4.1, such as Neuvilette and Wriothesley, who have unique skills and weapons. The Fontaine map has been expanded into new regions called the Fortress of Meropidel and Fontaine Research Institute, which are filled with playable content. Additionally, the second phase of this version added story missions and events that players can complete to get rewards. They still have the opportunity to improve their team with rerun banners Thoma, Dori, and Chongyun.

Some fresh leaks from Uncle Chicken and Uncle Ahq have revealed that Navia’s gameplay will revolve around Crystallize shards, which increase her damage-dealing capacity. She will take on the role of main DPS and receive useful buffs from the shards consumed. Navia will enter a unique combat stance with her elemental skill, where her umbrella turns into a weapon and fires at enemies. Her elemental burst sets up a cannon that deals Geo damage and helps the character generate Crystallize reactions. If these leaks hold true, Navia will pair well with Genshin Impact‘s Bennet in Geo-based teams.

It has also been revealed through leaks that Navia’s Constellations will improve her offensive capabilities by giving Geo infusion. She will supposedly utilize a brand-new artifact set that will be released in version 4.3 later this year. Many Genshin Impact players on Reddit have a lot of expectations from Navia, with some hoping that she will have off-field utility in her kit.

Aside from the five-star Geo claymore user Navia, Genshin Impact version 4.3 will allegedly feature the debut of Chevreuse, a brand-new unit that wields a Pyro Polearm. Some previous leaks have revealed a glimpse of her outfit, which features a red dress, a large hat, and white gloves. She will allegedly use a Gunlance as the secondary weapon, which hints at her being a ranged unit. As is the case with early leaks, players should take it with a grain of salt until Chevreuse’s kit is officially revealed.

Genshin Impact is currently available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.

Source: Gamerant

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