Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Finally Let PS Plus Owners Upgrade To PS5 Version Starting Next Week

Square Enix announces that PlayStation Plus subscribers will finally be allowed to upgrade to the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

With the critically acclaimed remake of Final Fantasy 7 finally making it to non-PlayStation platforms, Square Enix is also giving PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5 the improvements they were denied months ago. Current owners will have incentive to jump back in as well with a sale on additional content.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first part of a planned sub-series reimagining the story of Final Fantasy 7 to fit a different gameplay formula. The original Final Fantasy 7 is highly regarded as a classic JRPG, and the remake’s critical reception was positive around its initial launch.


Square Enix announced today that players who own Final Fantasy 7 Remake through the PlayStation Plus subscription service will be allowed to upgrade to the PS5 version beginning Wednesday, December 22. The PS5 version features vastly improved graphics and a Photo Mode allowing players to take in the improvements up close. Also featured is a new difficulty setting and, as is standard of PS5 upgrades, much better loading times than the PS4 version. The Episode Intermission DLC will also go on a 25% off sale, adding additional story content featuring fan favorite character Yuffie.

Back in February, Square Enix attracted criticism for restricting Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s PS Plus version from the PS5 upgrade. The sudden announcement that the upgrade is allowed at the same time as the recent launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s PC version implies that it may actually have something to do with the exclusivity deal, perhaps a technicality of Final Fantasy 7 Remake being a PS4 exclusive for the first year. This theory is unconfirmed by Square Enix or Sony, however, so unless official confirmation is provided, the reasoning for the decision is up for speculation.

With the recent release on Epic Games Store suggesting a future on Steam, it seems Square Enix does not plan to stop bringing Final Fantasy 7 Remake to more storefronts, giving more non-PlayStation players a chance to experience the reimagined story. With how little is known about Part 2 so far and the massive undertaking of extending the already lengthy Final Fantasy 7 into several remakes, it is possible that exclusivity deals mean multiplatform releases will be frustratingly delayed. The first game being released on PS4 first makes PlayStation 5 a safe bet for Part 2’s first platform, but it remains to be seen whether plans will change.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was praised for its graphics on PS5, but unfortunately the PC release suffers from massive performance issues – possibly due to it being a debug build. If the game is ported to the Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch, players on those platforms can only hope it does not suffer similar issues at launch. Given its demanding technical requirements, however, a Switch port is highly unlikely. Regardless, PS Plus owners who own a PS5 have good reason to be excited.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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