Final Fantasy 14: Moogle Treasure Trove Event Returns with New Rewards until 6.1

The Moogle Treasure Trove event comes back to Final Fantasy 14 soon, giving players the chance to earn rare items until Patch 6.1 releases.

Final Fantasy 14 just recently announced Newfound Adventure, its first major content patch for the Endwalker expansion. To gather hype until the patch’s release, Final Fantasy 14 is running the Moogle Treasure Trove event again, complete with a new set of rewards.

The Moogle Treasure Trove is a special filler event used by Final Fantasy 14 to occupy time before major patches and expansions. It provides ways to unlock rewards that require luck or grinding in other parts of the game by exchanging a special currency collected from old content.


Starting March 14 until Patch 6.1 drops, players can gather Irregular Tomestones of Scripture from Frontline and Rival Wings PVP matches, key A Realm Reborn dungeons, duties from the Void Ark alliance raids from Heavensward, and the Four Lords trials from Stormblood. A number of rare rewards, including the Controlled Chaos hairstyle, the Euphonious Kamuy mount from Suzaku (Extreme), and the Tamamo Headband from the Stormblood world boss are available alongside dozens of other rare rewards. Additionally, players can acquire the Mameshiba Earrings once again, which have not been available since the second Moogle Treasure Trove event before Patch 5.1. Players will have until Patch 6.2 releases in August or September to exchange their Irregular Tomestones of Scripture before they expire.

ffxiv patch 6.1 moogle treasue trove mameshiba earrings suzaku euphonius kamuy tamamo headband

The first Moogle Treasure Trove event was in the months before the Shadowbringers expansion. Since then, one has taken place before almost every major patch, and before Endwalker, though there was no event before Patch 5.4, and there was a short bonus Moogle Treasure Trove run for last year’s Fan Festival. Though it has no set schedule, it seems Final Fantasy 14 is running this event as a lead-up to most of its major releases.

Players are already eager to begin gathering Irregular Tomestones of Scripture. Many of these duties are often given large amounts of experience points, meaning they can gather them while leveling. These events also allow smaller communities to shine, like PVP enthusiasts and Blue Mage players. If the Moogle Treasure Trove wasn’t enough, Final Fantasy 14 begins its Little Ladies’ Day event on the same day.

However, some players are less enthusiastic about the Moogle Treasure Trove. The event’s purpose is ultimately to attract players back to the game in anticipation of the upcoming patch, and many see it as a cheap attempt at revitalizing old content. Others aren’t excited by the rewards for this run of the event. Luckily, since the Moogle Treasure Trove provides no achievements or titles, and most rewards can be acquired elsewhere in Final Fantasy 14, there is no obligation to participate.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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