Fall Guys is Adding an Astro Skin

Fall Guys will be adding a couple of new skins to the game, and one is based on the character Astro from the PS5 game Astro’s Playroom.

Since its release, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has its share of crossovers with various video games that resulted in fun costumes being added to the game. Fall Guys has had costumes from games like Nier: Automata, Bugsnax, and even from major PlayStation titles like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

Now, Fall Guys is having a new crossover with the PS5 game Astro’s Playroom, which will add a new skin to the game based on the character Astro. On top of that, there will also be another skin based on the T-Rex from Astro’s Playroom added to Fall Guys. Players can unlock the Astro costume from March 8 to March 13 and buy the T-Rex costume in the Fall Guys store from March 10 to March 13.


A trailer was also released to announce the new skin in Fall Guys. The trailer isn’t too long, but it does show players a bit of gameplay with a bean character in action wearing the costume. It also reveals that players can unlock the new Astro costume by completing the Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Challenge in the game.

Along with the trailer reveal, Mediatonic made a blog post about the developer’s process for making costumes for Fall Guys. According to the post, Mediatonic’s artists emphasize that it needs to feel like the bean characters are wearing costumes, not just turning into an entirely different character. New Fall Guys costumes are picked mainly because they feel like “a marriage made in madness.”

Astro from Astro’s Playroom was picked for the costume because his “cute charisma” is seamlessly compatible with the wacky world of Fall Guys. From Astro’s “cute vibes” to his round body, distinguished design, and his popularity with PlayStation console players, the developers knew he’d be a good fit for Fall Guys. The post also delves into how Mediatonic makes new Fall Guys costumes, using the T-Rex costume as the main example.

According to the post, the developers start with art team sketches, which go through “a ton of iteration.” The developers cover every angle possible, go over the shapes and colors they can use, and how much of the original character they can bring into the final design. From there, the developers proceed to render the costume, where many initial concepts tend to change for multiple reasons, like whether the design works in 3D as it does in 2D. The developers spend time to polish and refine the design before heading to what’s called the “poly sculpt stages” to make the 3D shell and add textures to the new Fall Guys costume.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4, with versions for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in development.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Source: Gamerant

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