Epic Games Store Finally Adds ‘Add to Cart’ Feature

The Epic Games Store finally adds a long-requested feature, with an ‘Add to Cart’ button allowing users to buy multiple games at the same time.

Over the past three years since the Epic Games Store launched, the PC gaming platform has emerged as one of the biggest contenders to industry giants like Steam and Origin. The service’s backing by the massive Fortnite and Unreal developer has helped the online storefront to compete with established services and even secure exclusive releases of major games like the upcoming PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Now, a recent quality-of-life update has made the shopping experience more user-friendly for customers looking to buy multiple games at the same time.


Epic Games has consistently brought QoL changes to the growing marketplace since the Epic Games Store first opened in December of 2018 . Recent updates have introduced a screenshot carousel to game pages, clickable genre tags for searching within the Epic Games Store, and a variety of other minor features focused on making the user experience easier for gamers browsing through the marketplace. Now, Epic Games has added a much requested feature to its online store geared at gamers buying several games: an ‘Add to Cart’ button.

On Thursday, Epic Games announced that the online storefront would officially be adding an ‘Add to Cart’ button, allowing gamers to select and purchase multiple titles in a single shopping trip. The ability to add multiple games to the cart has been one of the most popular requested features for the Epic Games Store feature by fans of the platform since its inception. ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are a staple of online storefronts, and the addition of the feature to the Epic Games Store has been long overdue.

The Epic Games Store has been consistently making updates over the first three years of its life to bring the platform up to the standards set by its competitors. Earlier this year, Epic Games began a storewide rollout of Epic Games Store achievements similar to those used by other gaming platforms like Steam and Xbox Live. The developer has also previously announced plans to implement features like user profiles and tools to help game developers with publishing its games on the store, among others.

One of the most popular features of the Epic Games Store over its inaugural years has been the platform frequently featuring a weekly rotation of free games without any need to purchase a subscription. The free promotion has often featured high-profile indie games like Dead by Daylight, and even major AAA games like Nioh: The Complete Collection and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Between frequent updates refining the online platform and the popularity of its free game program, the Epic Games Store has built itself to thrive well into the future.

Source: Gamerant

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