Elden Ring Player’s Maliketh Boss Fight Attempt Ends in Disaster

An Elden Ring player shows what can happen when making a huge misstep while getting ready to take on one of the game’s bosses.

In Elden Ring one small misstep can ruin everything. A player can walk into any area of the game ready to take on anything that comes at them, and then make one small miscalculation that costs them their life.

This can be especially true when taking on bosses in Elden Ring. Gamers can walk into the boss arena buffed up with a number of summons watching their back, and then make a miscalculation that leads to the game over screen. Sometimes it’s not the enemy that kills a gamer, but rather the gamer themselves.


A Redditor going by the name TomHanksBurner shows what one small mistake can do in Elden Ring. In the clip they uploaded, TomHanksBurner is seen buffing themselves before the fight with the Beast Clergyman. They walk through the fog into the boss area and summon an ally. It is then that a simple mistake is made.

As TomHanksBurner runs into the arena they use the Elden Ring ability Bloodhound’s Step along the edge of the stage. However, after using the ability, they begin moving into the arena and accidentally slip over the edge to fall to their doom. It shows that no matter how prepared a player is for a fight, they can easily be their own downfall if they make a misstep.

In the clip’s comments, a few sympathize with TomHanksBurner. Some state that they too have fallen off the edges of boss arenas, with a few saying that it also happened to them while using Bloodhound’s Step. One commenter jokes that one of the laws of FromSoftware games is that fall damage will kill players more than anything else. Many find the Elden Ring clip to be funny, with commenters joking about the use of Bloodhound’s Step, as well as just falling in general.

TomHanksBurner is not the only gamer dying an accidental death in Elden Ring. A player going by the name BeRnUgEek posted a video showing them blowing themselves up by accident. In the clip, BeRnUgEek is navigating through a cave. As they explore, they swing their weapon to destroy a few barrels. This causes an explosion that kills them on impact. According to BeRnUgEek, they had forgotten that their weapon dealt fire damage. The fire element in their blade is what caused the barrels to explode, sending them to an early grave. This shows that while many deaths will be caused by Elden Ring’s enemies and environments, a good number of game over screens will show up due to the miscalculations of players.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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