Disney Dreamlight Valley Brings Back Haunted Mansion Bundle


  • The Haunted Mansion bundle is back in the Premium Shop for a limited time, featuring two spooky design options for players’ homes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • A bug caused the bundle to be temporarily removed from the shop, but it has now been fixed and is available again.
  • Players should act quickly to purchase the bundle as it does not specify how long it will be available, and it is expected to be popular during the Halloween season.

The Haunted Mansion recently pulled a disappearing act, but it’s now back in Disney Dreamlight Valley for a limited time during the Halloween season. The life sim set in the world of Mickey Mouse and his friends is still expanding, giving players a chance to build a home and explore a growing valley full of Disney characters. Over the summer, Disney Dreamlight Valley unveiled a new realm and characters, which added more magic and joy to the world. That doesn’t mean it can’t get in the spirit of ghosts and scares, however.

Among the premium content players can purchase in Gameloft’s Disney title is a series of Dream Styles for homes, allowing fans to give their houses new looks or even add a secondary home in the game. This past September, a Haunted Mansion bundle was introduced, giving players a chance to get ready for October and Halloween. Unfortunately, a frustrating bug popped up, causing problems for some who purchased the bundle and forcing Gameloft to remove it from the shop. While the Haunted Mansion issue was fixed in Disney Dreamlight Valley for those who bought it, the bundle remained absent from the shop.

In an announcement on October 7, the Disney Dreamlight Valley team revealed that the Haunted Mansion bundle has made its triumphant and spooky return to the premium shop. Only available for a short time, the bundle includes both a traditional Haunted Mansion design and one inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas which features lots of Christmas lights and even a jack-o-lantern wearing a Christmas hat.

The Haunted Mansion bundle is currently available in the Premium Shop and includes:

  • Haunted Mansion Player House Dream Style
  • Haunted Mansion Haunted “Before Christmas” Mansion Player House Dream Style

The message doesn’t specify just how long this bundle will be available, so fans who are eager to celebrate Halloween will want to jump into the shop and check it out as soon as possible. Disney Dreamlight Valley is giving away an Autumn bundle for free at the moment as well so, between the two, players should be all set for the changing seasons in the world of Disney.

As horror fans’ favorite holiday approaches, gamers will be figuring out how to complete Trick or Treat Dreamlight Duty in Dreamlight Valley and other seasonal challenges in the game. Now, they’ll be able to plan their adventures from the comfort of their very own haunted mansion. They’ll even have a special variation that will be appropriate as Halloween ends and the Christmas season approaches. Whichever version players choose to opt for, this is a bundle that should be popular in the coming months.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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