Destiny Fan Makes Incredible Trailer Chronicling the Journey to The Witch Queen

After roughly a seven-year journey which began in Destiny and continues today in Destiny 2, players have been preparing for the day they would do battle with the mysterious and cunning Savathun. The day is right around the corner as players will finally come face to face with the Hive god when The Witch Queen releases in February 2022. As much as Bungie is hyping up this confrontation, one creative player is highlighting the long road to this release with an epic, fan-made trailer.


The Witch Queen is the next expansion for Destiny 2 which, as mentioned above, will pit guardians against Savathun and her light-infused Lucent Brood. Guardians will need to venture into her throne world to discover how she seemingly stole the light, imbued her Hive army with it, and find a way to reclaim it. To do this, players will need to unravel the mysteries of Savathun’s realm while armed with new weapons to stop her Lucent Brood in their tracks.

While Savathun has only been more directly involved with guardians over the last year, some players could argue the universe has been building to this moment for nearly eight years. It has been a road littered with universe-changing moments, from the defeat of Oryx to gaining Darkness powers in the form of Stasis. YouTuber HIGHL4NDR highlights this road with their own custom trailer titled “Destiny: Journey to Witch Queen.”

HIGHL4NDR’s trailer features clips of key moments across Destiny and Destiny 2 using largely in-game cutscenes and various official trailers from Bungie. They also use clips from other fan material produced by fellow Destiny-centric YouTubers Drexis Animations and MyNameIsByf, both of whom HIGHL4NDR thanks for the footage.

However, fans of DC Extended Universe films may recognize HIGHL4NDR’s choice of music from the climax of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The music is titled “At the Speed of Force” and serves as the musical backdrop for The Flash reversing time to stop the Mother Boxes from destroying the Earth and prevent Darkseid’s invasion.

The trailer not only highlights the road to The Witch Queen, and it has been a long one, but is also another example of the creativity present inside the Destiny community. It is a creativity Bungie encourages regularly as part of its This Week at Bungie post, spotlighting some favorite creations from the community whether it be a fan-made video or art. It was this spotlight HIGHL4NDR was hoping to get with the help of the community, which it did in the most recent TWAB post.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Witch Queen launches on February 22.

Source: Gamerant

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