Destiny 2: Titans Using Antheus Ward Can Reflect Sword Projectiles and Increase Reflection With Shoulder Charge

Destiny 2 has a Titan Exotic that reflects enemy projectiles while sliding, and a player shares a great interaction with it and shoulder charge.

It’s not uncommon for Destiny 2 players to discover gameplay mechanics that have always been there, but were either too obscure to be found earlier. Sometimes, players discover hidden places that have been there for years or maybe cool features like the one a Destiny 2 player discovered in the Hangar after many hours spent into the game, which allowed them to call in their ship. This is due to the fact that there are many different elements of the game that end up interacting with one another in some special ways.


Another example comes from a recent discovery that allows Destiny 2 players to avoid enemy fire if they are invisible on their Sparrow, which would seem counterintuitive to those who don’t know about it. And yet, sure enough, if players find a way to make themselves invisible and hop onto their Sparrow, they can breeze through enemies without ever being noticed. Still, most of the time, these hidden interactions are tied to the game’s coveted Exotic items.

A recent post by a Redditor called pureArmyYall highlights an incredible interaction between the action of sliding, the Anteus Ward Titan Exotic, projectiles shot by swords, and Shoulder Charge. The clip included in the player’s post shows them sliding into a lateral Shoulder Charge to try and avoid an enemy player’s firey projectile launched by their Sola’s Scar sword. Be it latency or be it that using Shoulder Charge abilities right after sliding extends the reflection window of Anteus Ward, the projectile was reflected back to the caster, which killed them and a team member in a single shot.

Anteus Ward normally allows Destiny 2 players to reflect enemy projectiles back to the shooter, and this video shows that they can work against Caster Frame swords as well, making them quite useful in tough PvP matches. Because the video shows the player being hit soon after they exited the sliding animation, it’s not impossible that using Shoulder Charge indeed increases the frame window within which Anteus Ward keeps being active.

Recently, a Destiny 2 player achieved over 560k damage with Shoulder Charge, but that build requires using another pair of Exotic boots – Peregrine Greaves. Regardless, for those who want an extra layer of defense for their Guardian, knowing that Anteus Ward can reflect all sorts of projectiles could make all the difference when battling it out in one of the game’s PvP fights.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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