Destiny 2 Fans Raising Money for Charity in Honor of Player That Died from Cancer

Destiny 2 fans hold the second annual Raiding Against Cancer event to raise money for the American Cancer Society in honor of a player who died.

The Destiny 2 community is set to hold its second annual Raiding Against Cancer Twitch livestream in honor of a fallen friend known as Killerklown736. The 24-hour charity livestream will once again generate proceeds for the American Cancer Society as part of the Gamers Vs Cancer initiative.

Reddit user Jlewi34 recently shared details about last year’s Destiny 2 Raiding Against Cancer event, stating that they were able to raise $3,000 for the American Cancer Society in recognition of a Destiny 2 player named Shane (also known as Killerklown736) who died of colon cancer two years ago. Shane fought this deadly disease for two years and his strength inspired a number of members of the Destiny 2 community who are committed to the cause. As a result, the Twitch event created due to his loss will continue this year on December 18, leading into December 19.


This 24-hour Twitch Destiny 2 livestream will begin at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard time on December 18 and it will end at the same time the following day. Throughout this livestream, Shane’s Destiny 2 friends and players from Old Farts Gaming will be trying to complete all of the Destiny 2 raids, running raid races, and having fun in Crucible between raids. Jlewi34 has implored other Destiny 2 fans to reach out to them in order to fill raid groups for the Twitch stream and has invited anyone who can to join them in Shane’s memory.

Proceeds donated to this upcoming 24-hour Destiny 2 Twitch livestream will be donated towards the American Cancer Society, but folks who choose not to watch can also donate to the cause through Tiltify. Currently, the Destiny 2 community has set a goal of $5,000 for this year’s event and fans are already donating money to their efforts. It’s noted on the donation page that the winner of Rocket League Old Farts Season 5 has waved their winnings in order to donate towards this fundraiser.

It’s currently unclear how long Jlewi34 and Shane’s other Destiny 2 friends intend to do annual 24-hour Twitch livestreams in his honor, but being the second annual event may draw in more viewers which could help the team reach its $5,000 goal. With Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releasing early next year, the players taking part in the Raiding Against Cancer can catch up their gear just in time. Destiny fans who haven’t raided will also be able to watch each currently available raid during the 24-hour Twitch stream to see what they’ve been missing.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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