Destiny 2: Fan-Made Project Mixes Original Script With Gameplay

A fan-made Destiny 2 project that took six years to create releases the first episode of an epic journey, blending original scripts and gameplay.

In its current state, Destiny 2 is considered one of the most complex games on the market when it comes to its vast lore and unique gameplay features. The game’s setting is sci-fi at its core, as it involves alien races, superior beings in a perpetual fight between Light and Darkness, incomprehensible spectators that keep themselves at a distance from the events of the universe, and Guardians who fight to protect mankind. Destiny 2‘s story is often told in bits from lore books found within the game or through Seasons and expansions, which focus on a theme and build upon it.


For a long time, fans of the series have been asking for a TV show or even a movie saga about Destiny 2‘s universe, and the sentiment seems to have grown in popularity ever since the release of Netflix’s Arcane. Many would like to see the mysteries of Destiny 2 unraveled on screen, and the argument for this is that the game’s story can be quite difficult to grasp in its entirety – particularly so after the introduction of the Destiny Content Vault – so having it retold as a series could help people get into the game.

A Reddit user by the name of gage-allen shared a link to their new fan-made project that blends original script and voice-over with Destiny 2‘s gameplay to create a new genre of storytelling. The player states that it took them six years to get this project together, and they called the series Destiny: Solas, with the genre being defined as “Immersiplay” – which is very spot on, considering the premise.

The Redditor shared the first episode of the series on YouTube, and it explores the adventures of a newly reborn Guardian who just awoke in the Cosmodrome after their Ghost resurrected them. The main character doesn’t have a name and doesn’t remember anything from their past life, which is what happens in the Destiny 2 universe whenever someone comes back to life as a guardian for the first time. The episode includes some action and Destiny 2 gimmicks that players will know by now, but it also acts as a fantastic introduction to Bungie’s looter shooter for those who are oblivious to it.

This project mostly feels like what the New Light experience should have been, as it sets the tone for an epic journey with the game’s typical dark shades, all while showing actual gameplay – albeit with additional effects. The first episode is 20 minutes long, and it should be a nostalgia-filled watch for those who have kept up with the game thus far.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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