Deploy into Halo Infinite with these Razer gaming accessories

Halo Infinite, the latest chapter in one of the great shooter sagas, has landed on PC (you can play the whole thing on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass, no less!) It’s a big moment for the PC—the rightful home of first-person shooters—as it’s the first time a Halo game has ever launched simultaneously on PC and Xbox. It’s no surprise to us PC faithful that the first Halo game designed for mouse and keyboard controls features what PC Gamer calls “the best shooting in the series to date.”

Whatever your platform, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component is free to play. In the spirit of old-school arena shooters, the game features classic modes like Capture the Flag and Slayer (Deathmatch, essentially) as well as new ones like the large-scale Total Control, which sees two teams fighting over three control points in full combined-arms warfare. 

A Spartan’s got to look good in battle, so treat yourself to some stunning armour coatings and weapon skins that you earn as you play (or just grab some at Currys). The game utilises a unique seasonal Battle Pass system too, which never expires and lets you earn countless rewards, customisations and, lest we forget, weapons in exchange for your battlefield heroics.

The campaign, meanwhile, is the first time in the series that players have a beautiful open world that can be explored on foot, on road, or from the skies in the Banshee. Give it a couple of months, and you’ll get to play the whole thing in co-op too!

But to properly experience the game’s glorious new gunplay—from popping skulls with the Battle Rifle to racking up multikills with the SNPKr rocket launcher—you’ll need the right hardware.

That’s where UK retailer Currys and games accessory giant Razer come in, joining forces to pick out the perfect gear for your deployment into the world of Halo Zeta. Each product comes with a code for a nice little in-game bonus.

Here’s what they put together for us:

Razer DeathAdder V2 – Halo Infinite Edition

Bonus in-game reward: Fangs Emblem
Buy at Currys

Razer has been infusing gaming mice with its tech mysticism for decades, so you know that with the DeathAdder V2, you’re in great hands (or that the great hardware is in your hands). Its 20,000 CPI sensor is perfect for those twitch-reflex kills, and its contoured, slightly asymmetrical design, optical buttons and PTFE grips were just some of the standout features lauded by our Samuel Horti in his glowing review for PC Gamer

Razer BlackWidow V3 – Halo Infinite Edition

Bonus in-game reward: Deathly Poison Weapon Coating
Buy at Currys

If you’ve used a mechanical keyboard before, you’ll have an appreciation for the extra tactility and precious milliseconds of extra speed proffered by their clackety keys. It can really be the difference between a K and a D in multiplayer. 

The BlackWidow V3 is the latest iteration of Razer’s most iconic keyboard. With its ultra-durable mechanical switches and seamless 2.4GHz wireless functionality, it gives you the edge against all oncomers – whether it’s fellow Spartans in the online multiplayer or the Banished war chief Escharum in the campaign.

Razer Goliathus – Halo Infinite Edition

Buy at Currys

If you – like many pro gamers – lean towards low DPIs with your online shooters, then you’ll need plenty of space to dish out death to the Banished hordes. At 92cm wide, The Goliathus Chroma Gaming Surface gives you a vast expanse to glide your DeathAdder V2 mouse over. With the iconic emblem of the UN Space Command blended into its surface, it’ll put you right in that Spartan headspace.

The RGB lights are an eye-treat too!

With the above hardware in your inventory, you’ll be battle-ready. Good luck, Spartan.

Source: PC Gamer

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