Crysis 4 Officially Announced With New Trailer and Details

After leaking a few hours earlier, Crytek officially reveals Crysis 4 through a new teaser trailer and additional details for the future.

The futuristic sci-fi shooter franchise Crysis is well known for pushing the limits of hardware. In fact, the Crysis series would consistently push system requirements, spawning a meme among fans who would ask, “But can it run Crysis?” when talking about something with high system requirements. In addition to being a popular meme, the franchise itself would eventually come to consoles, vastly expanding the reach of the series to help it become a fan favorite franchise.


Following the launch of Crysis 3 in 2013, the series has seemingly been put on hiatus as developer Crytek has moved on to other projects like Hunt: Showdown as well as going through a restructuring and new leadership. The Crysis franchise would remain in the public eye however thanks to recent remasters of the earlier games, which now appears to have also been a hint at more to come. Following an accidental leak by Crytek China, Crysis 4 was officially revealed through a new trailer.

The trailer for Crysis 4 is a short one and the description admits that the game appears to be very early in development, so fans shouldn’t expect to see this game for some time. The teaser flashes through what appears to be a city being destroyed and falling apart potentially due to solar flares. However, from the rubble, the number four is shown, almost as if it was woven together into a nanosuit which is technology that the Crysis protagonists utilize.

While the trailer is there to simply tease the upcoming game, Crytek CEO Avni Yerli also posted a new blog with the announcement. The studio confirms that the game is in early stages of development, but the team couldn’t wait to share the news with the community, answering an often asked question regarding when a new Crysis game would be revealed. Yerli also confirmed the project to be a next-gen shooter, which should make longtime fans happy as Crysis 4 will likely be pushing the technological and hardware limits once again.

In the meantime, both fans new and old can get up to speed on the franchise through the Crysis Remastered Trilogy. Recent updates have continued to improve the game, especially on the PC side of things, with support for Deep Learning Super Sampling as well as the removal of the controversial DRM Software Denuvo. The anti-tamper software isn’t popular with fans for many reasons and development studios have been removing the tool from a variety of games as a result.

Crysis 4 is now in development.

Source: Gamerant

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