Halo Infinite Glitch is Erasing Save Files

Halo Infinite players are reporting a glitch that can corrupt save files, stemming from a broken Xbox login when already logged in. This past week, 343 Industries launched Halo Infinite‘s single-player campaign, its free-to-play multiplayer half having already been available since mid-November. The single-player campaign of Halo Infinite has been warmly received both critically and…

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Microsoft Admits Fault in Handling of Former Fable Developer Lionhead Studios

There was a time when Lionhead Studios was one of the most lauded game development studios under the sun, creating the smash-hit fantasy RPG Fable and furthering its reputation with Fable 2. However, the studio was shuttered back in 2016, a move that – following a string of troubled releases – didn’t come as a…

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Grand Theft Auto Map Concept Combines the Cities from Multiple Games Together

One GTA fan shares a concept art combining the maps of San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City all in one grand map for players to explore. Often when fans think of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, they think of the freedom offered by the games’ open worlds, the stories and intricate characters that populate…

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Halo Infinite Players Discover Tribute to Deceased Developer

Players are discovering an Easter egg in remembrance of Halo Infinite developer Jens Hauch who sadly passed away before the game’s launch. Halo is a series that has often tucked away secret Easter eggs to be found by gamers through both the single and multiplayer experiences. From a Brute acting as a club DJ in…

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PlayStation Plus Deal Lets New Subscribers Get 12 Months for Cheap

Anyone looking to sign up for Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service on PS4 or PS5 can do so at a big discount for a limited time. Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service is required for one to fully enjoy their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. After all, a PlayStation Plus subscription is a requirement for…

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Rumor: Persona 3 Project Could Be Series’ Next Announcement

Following a promise that there will be a new announcement in February, a rumor is circulating that the next Atlus reveal is Persona 3 related. Earlier this year, ATLUS told its fans to keep their eyes open, announcing that there are a litany of Persona-related reveals planned. The developer has been making it known that…

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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Players Are Having Trouble Unlocking Achievements and Trophies

A wave of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition players are reporting issues with trophies and achievements not popping. While frustration over the quality of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition continues to be everpresent, that hasn’t stopped many of the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s biggest fans from embracing…

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Sniper Elite 5 Revealed for Next Year As Day One Xbox Game Pass Game

Sniper Elite 5 was recently announced for next year, and the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one. Fans of the Sniper Elite game franchise can look forward to another game in the series, as Sniper Elite 5 was recently revealed. The game will be a direct sequel to Sniper…

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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Shenhe’s Full Combat Gameplay

A recent Genshin Impact leak reveals a video featuring combat animations for one of the upcoming characters, the Cryo polearm user Shenhe. New additions to the character roster create tons of hype and are one of the most exciting events Genshin Impact players can look forward to. The recent official announcement revealed two new characters…

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Controversial Godfall: Challenger Edition Now Selling Story Mode Upgrade

December’s PS Plus game Godfall: Challenger Edition had players feeling shortchanged, and now a story mode upgrade is available. Counterplay Games’ action looter RPG Godfall, published by Gearbox Publishing, released in November 2020 to a somewhat mediocre reception. Many players felt that, while the game showed off the PlayStation 5’s graphical prowess, the story was…

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