Bungie and Nerf have built a real-life Gjallarhorn with foam Wolfpack rounds

Gjallarhorn, the gilded rocket launcher Bungie has brought back to Destiny as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, is also showing up somewhere else: the playground. The studio has partnered with foam-based weapons maker Nerf to create a one-to-one replica of the legendary Exotic. 

Measuring four feet long and featuring a breach loading mechanism inspired by the game, the real-life Gjallarhorn fires three darts at once from a shell—a first for Nerf, apparently. It also boasts an illuminated scope, and reloads just the way it does in Destiny.

There are a couple of compromises: first, it’s not lethal; and second, the gun’s iconic gold exterior has turned orange, in accordance with Nerf’s branding. It’ll be available to pre-order first to those who acquire the Gjallarhorn in-game before August 1, 2022. If that’s you, expect to be notified via email once your early access period begins late next year. You’ll still have to pay $160 or €171 to get the gun, mind.

Nerf weapons are rarely so ornate, but this isn’t the first time the company has recreated game guns. It has partnered before with both Fortnite and Halo—though its Mangler mercifully fires darts rather than spikes. 

I suppose we should be thankful that Bungie is teaming up with a toy manufacturer and not an arms one, given the games industry’s track record. In this week’s strangest story, the creator of the AK47 has denied stealing a gun design from a videogame.

Source: PC Gamer

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