Blue Box Game Studios Gives Abandoned Development Update

After months of silence, Blue Box Game Studios finally offers an update on the development of Abandoned and when fans can expect to see more.

Although it seems like there aren’t quite as many eyes on it as there were earlier this year, development on survival horror game Abandoned has continued and Blue Box Game Studios is looking to finally give fans a better look at the title in 2022. Following the content-lacking “real-time experience” app that Blue Box launched on PlayStation 5 in August, the studio has gone relatively quiet offering very little in terms of development updates until now.


Posted to the official Blue Box Game Studios website, an update on Abandoned comes in the form of a blog post titled “Dev blog #1 and the start of a new year” which details some of the events that took place behind the scenes at the studio. According to the post, Abandoned has been in development since 2017, but it only became the studio’s main focus earlier this year after the game was officially announced.

In terms of an update for when fans can expect to hear more about the mysterious title, the post doesn’t offer much that hasn’t been stated before on the website’s FAQ page: Abandoned‘s playable prologue has been delayed out of 2021 and into Q1 2022 “with the game reveal being around the corner.” The post also mentions a playable tech demo that will be launching on the real-time experience app in 2022 as well that’s meant to showcase the technology behind the game, however, Blue Box doesn’t clarify if that’s going to be the same as the prologue or if it will be a different release altogether.

abandoned dev blue box death threats

The rest of the post takes a more reflective approach, looking at the studio’s year and how it handled some of the events that thrust it into the spotlight. Blue Box seems to be taking some responsibility for the confusion saying that the studio doesn’t want to “make the same mistakes again” and that the real-time experience app was released “too soon” due to the pressure that the studio felt from the public.

Following the disappointing launch of the app, Blue Box was the target of harassment and death threats which forced the studio to issue a statement asking for compassion and for the harassment to stop. It’s unfortunate that the studio received such treatment, but hopefully following the statement such horrific behavior has ended. Blue Box doesn’t mention anything about that in the post, which given its numbered title seems to be the first of several updates to come, so hopefully, things have calmed down on that front.

Abandoned is in development for PC and PS5.

Source: Blue Box Game Studios

Source: Gamerant

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