Battlefield 2042 Patch Finally Updates the Scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 finally gets a proper scoreboard as DICE releases Update 3.3 which also comes with bug fixes and other improvements.

Many expected Battlefield 2042 to be a smash hit and one of the best-selling games of 2021. Every trailer was met with more hype, and it seemed like Battlefield 2042 would become the foundation for the next-generation of Battlefield. The Battlefield 2042 beta was not well-received, but fans probably believed that their concerns would be addressed on launch.

Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 was lacking key features upon its release, with things like a scoreboard and voice-chat being deemed as “legacy features” by EA. DICE received a lot of criticism for releasing the game in that state, and many users petitioned for refunds. The Battlefield 2042 player base has substantially reduced since its release, with more users opting to play the older Battlefield games. Now, DICE has shared a post that provides more information on a new update that finally adds a proper scoreboard to the game.


Update #3.3 for Battlefield 2042 is now live on all platforms, and it comes with bug fixes, keybindings related changes, and an updated Scoreboard. The Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle will also be available to anyone who owns the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, or Year 1 Pass for the game. DICE wants to once again express that the developer is committed to listening to fan feedback and improving the in-game experience of Battlefield 2042.

battlefield 2042 scoreboard

The post states that the next big update is currently scheduled for early April, and it will include a bigger set of fixes and improvements. It will also add the highly-requested VOIP functionality to Squads in Battlefield 2042. Additionally, DICE is looking at implementing balance changes for weapons and vehicles, and specifically mentions the MC5 Bolte, a light tank in Battlefield 2042.

While it’s great to see Battlefield 2042 finally get these features, it may prove difficult to bring back disgruntled players. EA had not shared Battlefield 2042’s sales figures in the most recent investor meeting, and a report suggested that the publisher is “very disappointed” with the game’s performance. EA is also reportedly looking at offering a free-to-play version of the game to increase the player base.

The massive map size, primarily designed with 128-player lobbies in mind, was also high on the list of complaints. DICE had recently confirmed that future Battlefield 2042 maps will be smaller in size, and hopefully, the developer makes enough changes to convince fans to give it another shot.

Battlefield 2042 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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