Battlefield 2042 Leaks Image of New Exposure Map

Even though DLC isn’t expected for another few months, a Battlefield 2042 dataminer comes across a new image of a new map called Exposure.

Although Battlefield 2042 released only last month, it has already seemingly been a long road for the game. Launching with numerous issues, which has led to a frustrated community of players, DICE has been pumping out new updates nearly on a weekly basis to try and address the myriad of problems plaguing the title. While it can be argued that many of the launch day issues are now fixed, there’s still a ways to go with fixes coming to things like aim assist once the holiday season comes to an end.


Unfortunately, these launch issues have caused DICE to shift its plans in a major way, essentially taking an all hands on deck approach to fix the game to keep the player base happy. According to insiders like Tom Henderson, DLC plans have changed significantly as a result of the studio’s shift in priorities. In fact, one dataminer known as Temporyal has been very vocal on Twitter with found information on plans for DLC, now saying that Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 won’t actually begin until March 2022.

While it’s entirely possible that the start date could shift depending on if a few weeks were added as a backup, Temporyal also highlighted some of the content coming inside of Battlefield 2042 Season 1. In addition to new missions, the big addition appears to be a new map called Exposure, which originally went by the working name Ridge. For those hoping for a more urban style map with lots of potential for destruction, Exposure doesn’t seem to fit that mold.

The first concept art image for Exposure shows a wide open field with a mountain ridge and some water running through it. The map appears to take plenty of cues from existing Battlefield 2042 style maps, with massive sight lines and wide open spaces for vehicles. According to datamined information, Exposure is set in the British Columbia province of Canada. A landslide has seemingly exposed a secret research facility in this remote location and the Russian faction has invaded this area due to the belief that the base hides a secret military weapon.

Although it appears that the base game won’t be getting significant content for another few months, fans have been flocking to Battlefield Portal, where new custom games have been cycling through often. Offering unique experiences and custom modes, Portal has also managed to bring back fan favorite modes like Rush, Gun Game, and many more. The only knock against Portal currently is that XP is capped, a move DICE implemented after the servers were flooded with XP farms at launch.

Battlefield 2042 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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