Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Has Creepy Interaction With Coco

Player gets spooked by popular villager Coco’s creepy interaction in an Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay.

Popular villager Coco in Animal Crossing, known for her oddities, gives one player the chills as Coco responds very eerily during Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s gameplay.

Generally seen as one of the franchise’s kindest characters that get along with the player and other villagers, it seems the player wasn’t expecting Coco to reply the way she did, posting a screenshot of the interaction for Animal Crossing community discussion.


A screenshot of the gameplay was posted within the Animal Crossing’s subreddit dedicated to the fandom. In the screenshot, the player interacts with Coco and the rabbit responds by saying, “I just moved here recently from Heaven” leaving the player shuddering as they posted a comment stating, “Not creepy at all.” Although it was said because Coco actually moved to the new island from a village called Heaven, it came across as a little odd. It is also not surprising as Coco’s creative origins purposely dive into the creepier side of things for the amicable and often considered favorite Animal Crossing character.

Coco’s character has made appearances across the Animal Crossing series. She always seems to be a sweet and harmonious villager, but she was created in an almost opposite image. Coco’s design was purposely made to be eerie as she resembles a Gyroid, or ‘haniwa’ figure, which are clay figures used in rituals and buried with the dead as part of a funerary ceremony during the Kofun Period of Japanese history. These Gyroids are scattered throughout the series as unusual furniture items, and it’s mentioned that they inspired Coco’s image. Not only that, it is said that her image is reminiscent of the very first Animal Crossing game on the Gamecube.

The shy Coco has a grim or morbid vibe about her considering her vacant facial expression and the creepy tune within her home. In fact, going along with her narrative, the song by musical character K. K. Slider, is called K. K. Dirge, which is a song of the lamentation of the dead and normally terrifying to those who hear it. Giving this theme to Coco, among other gifts the player can provide, such as the Zen uniform or steampunk goggles, only solidifies Coco’s cute but creepy aspect.

Knowing Coco has her random moments of creepiness only adds to the uniqueness of her character. Players can continue to love her personality and the lore behind her appearance while anticipating something strange from her within random interactions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Animal Crossing Fandom

Source: Gamerant

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