Level up your gaming with O2’s game-changing Switch Up

For years now, the lines between PC gaming and mobile gaming have been blurring. Whether you’re playing native mobile games with increasingly jaw-dropping graphics or streaming triple-A games from the cloud or your home PC, the technical prowess of games on the small screen is evolving, and you need a phone that will evolve with…

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Developers Share Early Development Footage Following GTA 6 Leaks

Developers are sharing early footage of their games on social media in support of Rockstar following the major leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay. Developers of multiple big titles have been showing off early footage of their games following the major leaks at Rockstar. One of the biggest leaks in recent gaming history broke…

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Valorant is inching closer to telling players they’re bad people

Valorant’s 5.06 patch notes are here and they’re calling out bad behaviour. Though the main focus of the patch is the large changes to the map Pearl, which I’ll go over in detail, what piqued my curiosity is the brand new Disruptive Gameplay-based Behaviour Indicator. Valorant is now going to point out the players in…

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Minecraft Partners With BBC Earth to Create Frozen Planet 2 Worlds

The Education Edition of Minecraft will be getting a series of worlds inspired by BBC Earth’s Frozen Planet 2 program, with the first becoming available on September 21. Released in 2016, Minecraft: Education Edition has a number of features that are geared toward a classroom setting and teaching students in an engaging, interactive way. Players…

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Devs show off how bad early game builds look after moans about GTA 6’s visuals

The GTA 6 leaks have gotten a few souls in a tizzy about the game’s graphical fidelity. Otherwise rational people look at leaked gameplay footage from a project that won’t be finished for years, see the placeholder barks and Ken-doll textures, and conclude that, well, clearly this is representative of the final product. It won’t…

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OneXPlayer Reveals New Mini Pro Handheld PC Model

OneXPlayer announces its latest handheld gaming PC, the Mini Pro, which is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800 APU, promising stellar performance. OneXPlayer has announced the Mini Pro, an upcoming handheld gaming PC that will be available for pre-order starting on September 21. The device will come equipped with some of the most performant…

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‘Last man standing’ for floppy disks reckons it’s four years ’till bust

Way back in ancient times, i.e. the ’70s and ’80s, the floppy disk was a major player in the world of digital storage. And you might be surprised to learn just how prominent the format still is in this age of lightning fast NVMe SSDs (opens in new tab). While there are no longer manufacturers…

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Soulslike Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Has an Interesting Take on PvP

Upcoming Soulslike from Team Ninja Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a unique take on PvP that borrows a certain mechanic from Demon’s Souls and Elden Ring. Upcoming Soulslike Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a PvP mechanic that allows certain enemies to summon other players. Only announced back in June of this year, Wo Long: Fallen…

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A 25-year-old MMO is finally getting sound

In 1997, four German students put their hobby project online: 2D fantasy MMO Tibia. In the years that followed, millions of players in hundreds of countries would log onto Tibia (most of them in Brazil and Poland, where it was most popular), and its creators would found development studio CipSoft. Tibia would become famous for…

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Infinity Ward Responds to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Dead Silence Demands

Following the start of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta, Infinity Ward makes a stand on how it is changing the perk system and Dead Silence. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward is giving fans some clarity on why it has changed up the way perks work in the new…

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