Yoko Taro Says Nier Series is Officially ‘Finished’ Unless Given Money For More

The creator of the Nier series, Yoko Taro, claims that the franchise is “finished” unless he’s given a lot of money for more games.

One franchise that has been a breakout hit in the last few years is the Nier series, helmed by the enigmatic Yoko Taro. The eccentric Japanese video game developer is known for his incredibly unconventional game design and writing style, along with his exploration of darker themes of people. This can be seen in many of the characters that appear in Nier and its follow-ups. He’s also a bit of an eccentric if reserved individual, as seen in different videos that he’s appeared in and comments he’s made regarding game development.


This is especially telling in a very festive video that was posted to Nier‘s Twitter account, alongside series producer Yosuke Saito and composer Keiichi Okabe. The three of them reminisce on the decade since the release of the original Nier. They recounted some memories that they had of the year, with Saito recalling how due to the pandemic, they were sad that a concert couldn’t be held. On the flip side, he comments that they were happy that Nier Replicant has managed to sell over a million copies.

Saito then asked both Yoko Taro and Keiichi Okabe if there was anything new that they would like to do with the Nier series, with Taro answering “Nah, nothing!” much to Okabe’s amusement. Saito immediately followed up asking that if Taro was okay with leaving the series as it is and would be comfortable ending it there, to which he declared that the Nier series was officially finished.

Saito however commented that due to Taro’s eccentric nature, that declaration could more or less be a lie, Taro agreeing as such. Taro however follows up on that statement, saying that if he and Okabe received a “big ole’ pile of money” then more Nier games could be produced, which got both of his companions laughing as well. Considering that all three are fond of self-depricating humor, it is most likely not the end of the series, though it seems like there isn’t an upcoming game currently being produced.

Fans also didn’t believe that this would be the end of Nier, though many did have more fun with all three members of the team and their comments. The three expressed how positively received the release of Nier Replicant has been and that they hope that fans will continue to support the series. Okabe in particular hopes that he would be able to see many fans overseas once the pandemic is over.

Source: Gamerant

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