Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct Lends Credence to Rumors of Another Direct

As June comes to an end, fans are still hoping to hear from a couple of gaming companies. Of the major first-party brands, Sony and Nintendo are the biggest ones. Xbox and Bethesda gave a huge look at their libraries at the Games Showcase, but Sony has only held a third-party and PS VR 2 State of Play so far.

Nintendo hasn’t hosted anything yet, which led to many rumors of a Nintendo Direct. Yet, when Nintendo did announce a Direct on June 20 (for June 22), it wasn’t necessarily what many wanted. Nintendo announced its June 22 Direct would focus entirely on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which makes some sense given its upcoming launch. This has led some to believe there would be no Direct this month, but in fact, this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct could actually suggest otherwise.


In the early hours of June 20, well before Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Nintendo Direct was announced, it was predicted by a random user on 4chan. Of course, no one should ever trust anything posted there, but sometimes 4chan rumors can prove true. This user predicted Xenoblade’s exact length and date, too. Following the official announcement, this random user’s comment has spread across social media, and there seems to be some element of truth to it.

This is good for another potential Nintendo Direct, because the user also stated that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 “won’t appear in the actual direct next week except for a final story trailer.” It seems Xenoblade is getting its time in the sun early, so it doesn’t take up much sun later. This would suggest that a full-blown summer E3-level Direct could take place between June 27 and July 1.

Of course, just because the poster was somehow right about Xenoblade doesn’t mean their word is law. It’s possible they are incorrect or the next Nintendo Direct is delayed, but for now, this seems like a legitimate leak with enough credibility to have hope. The month started strong with several gaming events, but since the Final Fantasy 7 and Dragon’s Dogma anniversary events on June 16, the month has slowed down. It seems some companies intend to end it with a bang.

After all, there’s a rumor that a State of Play is happening between June 27 and July 1—based on comments about Gran Turismo, God of War: Ragnarok, and new Sony hardware. It remains to be seen if either of these rumors shake out, but fingers crossed that at least one of them does, if not both.

Source: Gamerant

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