Xbox Series X Console Supply Issues Could Continue Throughout 2022

Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart confirms that the Xbox Series X console supply shortage could continue throughout 2022 due to numerous issues.

While gamers continue to try and acquire the PS5 or Xbox Series X, many are anticipating the next big wave of console shipments to arrive at their local retail outlets. However, these gamers may continue to have difficulty locating an Xbox Series X throughout 2022 and into 2023, according to Xbox’s Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart.

During a recent Xbox investor call and spotted by Games, Xbox executive Tim Stuart confirmed that there could be supply chain issues into 2023 with multiple factors playing a role in the console shortage. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S were released around the beginning of the global pandemic which caused a chip shortage that continues today and may maintain through the remainder of the year. This shortage means some Xbox fans trying to secure an Xbox Series X/S may not be able to acquire the next-gen console for another year of its lifecycle.


Speaking about global stock issues and the ongoing chip shortage affecting Xbox Series X consoles, Tim Stuart confirmed with Xbox investors that the Xbox Series S is less impacted by the constraints, and it should be more widely available than the Xbox Series X. Stuart discussed how the Xbox Series X has been available for nearly 18-months and based on the 2022 forecast, supply may be limited for at least an additional six months. The inflated economy is also taking a toll on Xbox as it’s struggling to maintain the pricing of Xbox Series X/S due to “elevated logistics pricing pressuring margins” that may result in a price increase.

Tim Stuart isn’t the only Xbox executive that has spoken to investors about the issues faced by Xbox, as Microsoft CFO Amy Hood has also said that Xbox is expecting a decline in revenue year-over-year due to “lower engagement hours,” and “constrained console supply.” Because Microsoft saw Xbox capture market share over PlayStation and Nintendo for two quarters in a row and posted record revenue for a non-holiday quarter recently, the shortage may have less of an impact on the company than if it hadn’t been so successful through the last 18-months. Although Xbox has confirmed the extension to its console shortage, the PS5 may be just as hard to find because it shares similar parts that are in short supply.

With the Xbox Series X being impacted by the supply chain much worse than the Xbox Series S, the company may be banking on the less powerful machine to continue selling as it sorts out the Xbox Series X issues. Because the current inflation was briefly hinted at during the Xbox investor call hosted by Baird, Xbox may be predicting less gaming spending in its figures due to people having less expendable income. Xbox isn’t currently able to see an end to the supply chain woes, so it’s unclear just when the Xbox Series X will be readily available in retail stores.

Source: Games

Source: Gamerant

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