Xbox Sends Gamer Message Telling Them How to Talk to Crisis Counselor

An Xbox player receives a message from Xbox that details how they can get in touch with a crisis counselor if they need to talk through any issues.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that one out of every five adults will experience some form of mental health condition – and Xbox knows that gamers are not immune to this, which is why they teamed up with Crisis Text Line in 2018 to connect customers that experienced tough gaming situations to certified crisis counselors. More than just a way to prevent and combat gamer rage, this effort from Xbox hopes to create a safe space for gamers to deal with any tough situation that arises in any virtual gaming arena.


The Crisis Text Line responds to users that reach out asking for assistance or resources to help deal with a particular mental health related issue, but it doesn’t stop there. Xbox gamers can report different behaviors to The Crisis Text Line, such as harassment or bullying, and they can receive a number to contact to be put in touch with a crisis counselor.

In the case of Redditor Ben35832, though, it seems that a different user may have contacted The Crisis Text Line to report that Ben35832 may be going through a tough situation or having a difficult experience with something. They receive a message from Xbox giving them the number they can text in order to be connected to an officially certified crisis counselor that will be able to help them through whatever tough time they may be having. They are also assured that the conversation will be totally confidential, which is an important aspect of tough dialogue surrounding mental health issues.

Though it isn’t clear why Ben35832 received this message as they title the post with “I’m not sad,” Xbox does seem to be making an effort to reach out to people who either directly or indirectly report that they may need help. Unfortunately, the gaming world is riddled with toxic online gaming environments, full of people that are too focused on winning to realize how badly they are putting other players down or how damaging their words and insults can be.

Online multiplayer gaming can be a wonderful platform to bring gamers of all walks of life together for a common purpose, to engage with games safely, securely, and, at the same time, enjoy the gaming experience. Regrettably, this doesn’t always happen, as the toxic environments can breed a myriad of negative emotions in players that are trying to simply play some games.

It is true that many may see Xbox’s messages that connect players to The Crisis Text Line as an intrusion, it seems that the company’s heart is in the right place and sincerely wishes to provide help to gamers that reach out and ask for it.

Source: Gamerant

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