Xbox Reveals Expensive New Controller With Unique Twist

Xbox has revealed the Remix Special Edition Controller, which is made out of recycled parts from CDs, water jugs, and other controllers. Xbox hasn’t exactly reinvented the wheel when it’s come to its controllers. But while the Xbox Series X/S controller is near-identical to the Xbox One controller, there are still some important tweaks and quality of life improvements that make it an overall superior device.

The Xbox Series X/S controller has been available since the new console launched in 2020, with Microsoft releasing a number of variants since then. Most of the time these variants are simply new Xbox controller colors, but other times there’s more to them. The Xbox Remix Special Edition Controller fits in the latter camp, as it’s more than simply just a new color for fans to add to their controller collection.


This new Xbox controller was made in celebration of Earth Day. Built with recycled materials, including leftover Xbox One controller parts, the Xbox Remix Special Edition Controller is yet another example of Microsoft’s environmental sustainability efforts in recent years. It features a green color scheme to help drive that point home, and it even comes with a rechargeable battery pack. This is significant since most Xbox controllers require AA batteries to work. Those interested in picking up the controller for themselves can pre-order now for $84.99 in anticipation of its April 18 release date.

Xbox Remix Special Edition Controller Price and Release Date

  • Price: $84.99
  • Release Date: April 18

At $84.99, the Xbox Remix Special Edition Controller is pricier than other Xbox controllers on the market by about $20. Even so, the rechargeable battery pack may make it a worthwhile purchase in the grand scheme of things. AA batteries can get expensive, especially if someone uses their Xbox daily, so the rechargeable battery pack may very well end up saving one money in the long run, even though it’s more expensive than its counterparts.

Of course, there are even more expensive Xbox controllers available than the Xbox Remix Special Edition Controller. Xbox sells a premium line of Elite Series controllers that are significantly more expensive than its basic controllers, but they come with a slew of added bells and whistles that make them a worthwhile purchase for hardcore gamers.

There are also third-party controller options to consider as well. Hyperkin is making an Xbox 360-style controller for use with modern Xbox consoles, which should prove to be a nostalgic throwback for those that look back at Microsoft’s seventh generation console fondly. That particular controller is launching June 6 and will retail for $49.99.

Source: Gamerant

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