Xbox Live Appears to be Down

Xbox Live users report issues logging into the service, with a few different aspects affected.

Xbox’s servers appear to be experiencing issues at the moment, with reports from users on platforms like Twitter stating that they’re experiencing issues using certain apps. Currently, the outage appears to be affecting both games and certain applications, like the Microsoft Store, though not all users appear to be affected.

Over on Twitter, a simple search of “Xbox” brings up dozens of users claiming to be experiencing issues with the service, though the problem has yet to be acknowledged by the Xbox Support account. As of this writing, Xbox’s website shows green across the board for services, so it’s possible that the issues haven’t been noticed just yet.


It seems that the problem just recently started, as users haven’t been reporting major problems for very long. Bearing that in mind, Xbox will likely pick up on the issue shortly, so there could be some acknowledgment of the issue forthcoming. In the meantime, users will have to wait. Refreshing their internet connections may also help, as not everyone seems to be experiencing the problem.

Little information is available right now, but this news article will be updated as the situation progresses. Outages such as this one are always a bit of a bummer, but they tend to be resolved fairly quickly unless something nefarious is going on.

Source: Gamerant

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