Xbox Gamer Gets Incredible Box of Games and Consoles for Free


  • Reddit user SlickStretch received a surprise gift of three Xbox consoles and dozens of games from their aunt.
  • Some of the games came without cases and may not play, but obtaining such a selection of Xbox titles for free is extremely rare and lucky.
  • Collecting Xbox consoles and games takes commitment and dedication, with the transition to digital-based services making physical copies harder to find.

An Xbox gamer was given a box for free that contained a few Xbox consoles and multiple games for the original 2001 console and the 360. The gamer shared a snapshot of their newly acquired goods, which was met with additional context due to questions online regarding how they obtained such a quick collection of Xbox hardware.

Collecting Xbox consoles and games takes commitment and dedication, and it’s an activity that requires extensive research and acquisition. The gaming industry is slowly shifting from selling physical copies of games to relying more on digital-based services, leaving the legacy of video game discs up in the air. With the transition happening with stores moving to sell fewer physical games, like Best Buy’s motion to stop selling physical media, amassing gaming discs can become problematic for collectors. However, sometimes players are just given free physical media at a time when hardware is quickly adjusting to current technological advancements.

This is just the case with Reddit user SlickStretch, who received an “old box” from their aunt that holds three Xbox consoles and multiple games. In the box, there is one original Xbox console, one Xbox 360 S, and one Xbox 360 E, all in black. Complete with wires and power bricks, the box also comes with nearly three dozen games for both consoles. SlickStretch’s shared image merely shows the contents of the box, with notable titles such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Sleeping Dogs taking the spotlight, accompanied by the proper assortment of the other titles. However, no Xbox controllers were a part of the package.

According to SlickStretch, their aunt offered them the items, commenting that it was an “old box” of Xbox stuff. It was quite a surprise, saying that the intake of Xbox consoles and games was a “pretty good haul” that also comes with installed games to boot. This increases the amount of games that the player owns, all thanks to a free box from their relative. An incredible gift, though SlickStretch won’t be asking their aunt where they found the hardware. “I’m not asking where she got it,” they said in a reply when someone asked if the box belonged to a cousin of theirs.

Moreover, SlickStretch will be tending to the games that came without a case. Due to the nature of the box, it appears that not many of these games were well taken care of. “I’m sure there’s a few here that prolly won’t play,” they commented after someone pointed out the unprotected discs. Madden 25, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and NCAA Football 12 are among the other older Xbox games and franchises to come without a case.

SlickStretch is quite lucky to have acquired such a selection of Xbox games for free. Even if they run into issues with loading up a console, inserting a playable disc, or hardware malfunctions, obtaining a box with older Xbox platforms and titles is almost unheard of.

Xbox (Original)

The Xbox marked Microsoft’s first formal entry into the video game console wars and acted as a direct foil to Nintendo’s GameCube and Sony’s PS2. It was part of the sixth-generation of consoles.


Original Release Date
November 15, 2001

Hardware Versions
Xbox (Original)

Source: Gamerant

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