Xbox and F1 Driver Collab on New Halo Helmet

F1 Driver enters a new deal with Xbox and creates a Halo-inspired racing helmet that he will race in during the next Formula One Grand Prix event.

Formula 1 Driver Lando Norris will race in a Halo-inspired racing helmet at the Singapore Grand Prix. The helmet is part of a larger announcement the F1 driver and his esports brand made with Microsoft and Halo.

The McLaren driver announced the new racing lid prior to the start of the Singapore Grand Prix Weekend. The helmet made by Bell is part of another announcement that his gaming and lifestyle brand, Quadrant, will be expanding its role in the Halo Championship Series.


Norris’ Quadrant brand made the announcement that the esports team will be joining the Halo Championship Series Partnership Program that has been making a concerted effort to expand in 2022. The HCS Partnership Program will see Quadrant skins and other in-game items come to Halo Infinite. The HCS Partnership Program already includes other major esports brands such as FaZe Clan, Optic Gaming, and Cloud 9. Quadrant items will be added to Halo Infinite in 2023.

Lando’s helmet is a near-perfect Master Chief replica with a glossy finish down to the amber visor on a Bell racing helmet. Along with Lando wearing the helmet throughout all practice sessions, qualifying, and the Singapore Grand Prix throughout the weekend, the Quadrant brand will be selling mini replicas of the Halo Infinite helmet for collectors. The 1:2 scale helmet is not intended to fit most adults but serves as a decorative item for racing fans and gaming fans alike. The helmets are available for pre-order now on the Quadrant website and are expected to ship around February 2023.

When he’s not performing his duties as McLaren F1’s lead driver, Lando Norris also streams on Twitch. He has gained a popular following for his fun-loving, slightly aloof personality that extends from his Twitch streams and into the F1 garages. The Quadrant content creators also have a presence in the F1 series of games by Codemasters, Call of Duty: Warzone, and others. The Quadrant esports team is a notable name within the European HCS scene and has gained a dedicated fanbase. Lando Norris and McLaren have also created their car in Roblox and have made a life-sized McLaren F1 car out of LEGOs.

Lando Norris is part of an ever-growing list of professional athletes who either own or are invested in esports or streaming. The growing popularity of gaming and content creation has made a new avenue for professional athletes to show off another side of themselves outside their sport. With the growing F1 fandom, there are sure to be some Halo fans among them. Now they can show their support to Lando, McLaren, and Quadrant in Halo Infinite and potentially get them to follow more Halo Championship Series events.

Source: Gamerant

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