Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase Will Be as Long as Their E3 Shows

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase is looking to replace the companies’ respective E3 shows as it appears to be around an hour and a half long.

Xbox and Bethesda’s joint showcase is hoping to offer video game fans the E3 experience that they won’t be getting this year. It was announced early in 2022 that once again E3 would not be going ahead, even as a digital showcase. Usually, in June gamers can look forwards to the giant showcase as it displays the upcoming titles for years to come. Some of the biggest gaming announcements happen at E3 as various companies take to the stage to show off new games, downloadable content, and even consoles.


Without the grand display of E3, some gaming companies are promising their own showcases to give fans a peek into upcoming titles and get the hype train going again. Most notably, Xbox is again combining forces with The Elder Scrolls and Fallout developer Bethesda in order to deliver a show in June 2022. According to recent reports, similar to previous events, and even last year’s showing, fans should expect about 90 minutes in length.

A fan first discovered the planned runtime of 90 minutes, leading to Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg later confirming that despite there being no official runtime for the event, the current plan is that the show will end up around the hour and a half mark. Considering that Xbox has few major announcements so far, many fans are already speculating that some big games could be shown off, with some titles like the new Perfect Dark needing a gameplay showcase to generate hype.

Bethesda, on the other hand, has quite the major game that fans are hoping to see more of in June. Starfield is Bethesda’s latest RPG, and with an original setting, it will reportedly offer fans a vastly different experience from anything they’ve seen in Fallout or Elder Scrolls titles before. Fans were already believing that Starfield would be a highlight of E3 2022, and when that showcase was canceled, the next step seemed for many to be that the sci-fi RPG would instead be displayed at the Xbox and Bethesda event.

With around 90 minutes of runtime, it is unlikely that Starfield will be able to take up the entire show, no matter how impressive it proves to be. This means that some other games that have avoided the public eye could also be displayed, such as Redfall. Redfall is an upcoming first-person shooter by Deathloop’s Arcane Studios, and Xbox’s showcase could have it as a central piece.

Source: Gamerant

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