WWE Denies Lele Pons Contract Offer Claim

WWE has denied a claim from influencer Lele Pons that she was offered a $20 deal to wrestle for the promotion. Pons and her husband Guaynaa recently made the claim during a podcast with WWE talent and influencer Logan Paul, which shocked many. Apparently, it also shocked WWE. While it isn’t clear if WWE is denying that they approached Pons at all, the $20 million offer doesn’t seem to be in line with reality.

Pons and Guaynaa were recently on Logan Paul’s podcast, Inpualsive, talking about their recent marriage among other topics. Paul then mentions, jokingly, that Pons should consider a shift to pro wrestling like he’s done. Pons first says that she was actually offered a deal from WWE at one point. Pons even said that she might go that route “if anything happens in my career, like a scandal or anything.” Guaynaa then mentions the offer was $20 million, and Pons confirmed that number while saying she refused it, saying, “It’s not about the money.”


A new report from Fightful says that WWE has denied that it ever offered Lele Pons $20 million to be a part of the wrestling promotion. WWE even mocked the idea, saying that offering $20 million to Pons would be, “generous of us.” It isn’t clear whether WWE made an offer at all, either. It’s possible that Pons made the entire situation up.

Even in the moment, it was difficult to believe Pons claims that WWE offered her $20 million to wrestle. Logan Paul is currently wrestling with WWE. He is tentatively planned to wrestle WWE pro wrestler Seth Romans as part of April’s WrestleMania 39. When Paul heard Pons was offered $20 million, he was shocked, saying he’d “do anything” for that kind of money. The insinuation being that he certainly wasn’t offered anything close to $20 million to wrestle with WWE.

WWE isn’t above paying significant amounts of money for celebrities to wrestle, of course. Many of WWE’s most memorable moments from over its more than 40 years in business come from celebrity appearances. Sports stars like Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, actions including Mickey Rourke and Drew Carey, and pop culture notables like Snooki and Kevin Federline all made celebrity appearances on WWE at one point or another.

What’s funny about the situation is that Pons’ claim may actually end up making her a more attractive candidate for a WWE appearance than she was before. Pro wrestling loves controversy and attention, after all. WWE still probably isn’t going to offer Pons $20 million, though.

Source: Gamerant

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