WWE 2K22 Player Makes Dr Disrespect in the Game

The popular streamer was given the create-a-wrestler treatment in WWE 2K22 with extremely high detail to create an accurate Dr Disrespect in-game.

While there are plenty of streamers out their with faithful fan-bases, few have grown the type of following Dr Disrespect since diving headfirst into streaming in 2015. The popular streamer has become known for his outspoken, in-your-face persona which has led his audience to follow him from Twitch to YouTube after his 2020 perma-ban from Twitch. One fan took their love of Disrespect to the next level, though, with an extremely faithful rendition inside WWE 2K22 thanks to the game’s create-a-wrestler.


WWE 2K22 is the latest WWE game from developer Visual Concepts as part of the wrestling promotion’s partnership with 2K Games and the first since 2019’s maligned WWE 2K20. As with previous WWE 2K games, players have the option to hop into returning modes like the revamped career option in MyRISE, 2K Showcase, and Universe. The game also sees the return of a general manager mode with MyGM and the addition of a MyFACTION mode, the latter of which uses character packs similar to the NBA 2K games to build WWE factions.

Dr Disrespect was given life inside WWE 2K22 by YouTuber MG21, who regularly posts content with customized and altered wrestlers inside 2K22. MG21 posted the video of their in-game Dr Disrespect, capturing the physical appearance of the streamer in great detail from the red and black attire to the signature mullet. For some extra flair, MG21 gives him Edge’s grandiose entrance from before his recent heel turn on TV featuring one of the Doc’s previous stream openings as his entrance’s augmented reality feature.

It is hardly the craziest creation they’ve showcased on their YouTube channel, though, as MG21 regularly highlights their own creations and other community creations. Another video on the channel sees six random creations tossed into an elimination chamber match, indirectly showing off how detailed the create-a-wrestler is. The creations showcased in said video include Ronald McDonald, Goku, Snoop Dogg, and Thanos, each of which are fairly accurate in-game recreations.

All these custom wrestlers just go to show how creative WWE 2K players are and their ability to get the most out of the game’s creation tools. The aforementioned creations are just four out of hundreds, if not thousands of creations available to download and use if certain ones fit a player’s in-game promotion or just catch their eye.

WWE 2K22 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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