World of Warcraft: Patch 9.2.5 Secretly Introduces a Mystery Surrounding the Maw Broker Ve’nari

World of Warcraft’s most recent patch sneaks in a trail of breadcrumbs that leads to the fate of Ve’nari, the beloved broker of the Maw.

World of Warcraft recently released Patch 9.2.5, which is likely to be the final content patch before Dragonflight’s pre-patch event. Hidden within the World of Warcraft update is a mystery which leads to the ultimate fate of Ve’nari, the enigmatic broker players met during Shadowlands.

Ve’nari is a renegade broker World of Warcraft players rely on during their adventures in the Maw. She was one of the stars of Shadowlands, in no small part due to the stellar performance of voice actress Aysha Selim, who also depicted Ana Amari in Overwatch.


However, players noticed a curious detail after the recent World of Warcraft patch. Ve’nari was no longer in her sanctum within the Maw–a translucent purple echo of her seemed to have replaced her, offering the same services as the real broker, and an explanation as to her absence. If players explore Zereth Mortis, however, they find Ve’nari’s charred corpse, seemingly destroyed in an accident. The mystery goes deeper, however. Characters trained in Shadowlands Engineering have a special dialogue while examining the body, which reveals strange notches and details about it which don’t add up. Many players believed this was evidence Ve’nari faked her own death.

It seems those players are likely correct. World of Warcraft dataminers have since discovered a hidden mail message which appears to be Ve’nari, explaining she indeed faked her death, and is now travelling with Xolartios–the Eternal Traveller NPC who gave the Shadowlands Collector’s Edition quest for the special armor transmog he wore. This letter has yet to appear in game, however, so it is unknown where or if it will be used.

Players were relieved to hear Ve’nari is still around. Though Shadowlands itself received mixed reviews, Ve’nari was almost universally loved by players, and they would have been disappointed if such a popular character was killed off-screen. Considering the ominous discoveries her fellow broker Firim made in Zereth Mortis, it is entirely possible Ve’nari will reappear, along with the mysterious Eternal Traveller, if World of Warcraft returns to the cosmic plotlines of Shadowlands after Dragonflight.

Some World of Warcraft fans are less charmed by the easter egg, however. Because the clues were locked behind a profession, many players may fall for Ve’nari’s trick and believe she is well and truly dead. However, by listening to the broker’s own list of rules, one can fathom her scheme even without engineering: have an escape plan, keep a low profile, and concealment is everything. Hopefully the datamined mail can be sent to those players to clear up this confusion.

World of Warcraft is available on PC.

Source: Wowhead

Source: Gamerant

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