World of Warcraft Grants Players A Major Buff For Thanksgiving


  • World of Warcraft players can enjoy a 29% bonus to their earned reputation with the Dream Wardens faction until November 26.
  • The ongoing 19th Anniversary event allows players to earn 19% more reputation for the duration of the event.
  • The Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday also grants a Spirit of Sharing buff, providing an additional 10% bonus to all reputations gained for one hour.

For the next few days, World of Warcraft players can take advantage of two major reputation buffs that will stack together until November 26. Between the 19th Anniversary buff and a buff granted for taking part in the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday, World of Warcraft players can enjoy a 29% bonus to their earned reputation, which will come in handy for earning renown with the Dream Wardens faction added in Patch 10.2.

The new perk arrived just days after World of Warcraft kicked off its 19th anniversary in-game. Until the end of November, WoW players can participate in old-school battles from the game’s long history. From the evil Dragons of Nightmare to the long, protracted conflicts in Alterac Valley, players can earn rewards such as mounts and weapon skins that are not obtainable otherwise. In addition to these blasts from the past, all World of Warcraft players who log in during the event will earn an achievement and receive in-game mail that contains a package from the developers. This package will grant players a 19% bonus to reputation gained for the duration of the event.

But, the 19th Anniversary event will share some screen time with another holiday in World of Warcraft. Until November 26, the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday will be held in capital cities throughout Azeroth, such as Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Valdrakken. By taking part in the festivities, and sharing Thanksgiving food at Bountiful Tables, including turkey and stuffing, WoW players will be granted the Spirit of Sharing buff for an additional 10% bonus to all reputations gained for one hour. While this buff requires constant use of the Bountiful Tables, earning this boon also counts towards progress in the November Trading Post reward track.

Some savvy World of Warcraft players pointed out on social media that both reputation buffs provided by the Bountiful Tables and the 19th Anniversary stack on top of each other, which can grant a combined 29% to the reputation gained while active. This will allow WoW‘s max-level players to make some major gains with the new Dream Wardens faction that was added in the Guardians of the Dream content update. Among the rewards that players can acquire at higher renown ranks include pieces of armor that can be used to take on the bosses of the Amirdrassil raid.

Between armor and a vast number of rare mounts, some of World of Warcraft‘s most coveted rewards remain locked behind reputation grinds. It remains to be seen how many players will take advantage of these buffs while they both last.

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