World of Warcraft: Eternity’s End Broker Journal Foreshadows Calamity After Shadowlands

The collectable journal of a new World of Warcraft character sheds a philosophical light on the ramifications of the story of Eternity’s End.

As the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ final major story patch draws near, the Public Test Realm for 9.2 grows ever fatter with tidbits of lore that hint towards the impending conclusion. Recently, the journal entries of a broker players will encounter in Eternity’s End have been revealed, which detail his journey, the Jailer’s plan, and possible ramifications that could affect the future of the World of Warcraft universe. Warning: Spoilers for the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion below.


Among the many wonders players will encounter during Eternity’s End in the First Ones realm of Zerith Mortis is an exiled broker named Firim. An exile from the broker village of Haven, Firim will aid players on their journey to hunt down and defeat the Jailer.

Players will be able to collect pages from Firim’s journal–and will be rewarded with an achievement required to unlock flying in Eternity’s End in the process–across Zerith Mortis. The entries detail his journey, recounting how he and the other brokers found Zerith Mortis and later cut themselves off from their cartels, rather than plunder its secrets as they had originally planned. It goes on to speak of his exile from the rest of the reverent brokers due to his desire to find the secrets of the universe and his discoveries afterward. What he found was shocking: There were separate ‘Zeriths’ for all the cosmic forces, and the Jailer sought to use Zerith Mortis as a gateway to control them all, and all creation by proxy.


These journal pages leave the door open to any number of possibilities in World of Warcraft’s future. Though the Jailer will be defeated in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, the damage he caused to the fabric of creation in the process could leave tiny cracks that could eventually grow and fracture if another force like the Jailer comes around–meaning World of Warcraft is free to continue this plotline with future antagonists.

Player reception to these revelations is mixed, though there are plenty who are curious as to how the story will play out. The brokers were one of the most popular new factions in Shadowlands, and Firim’s perspective is unique and fascinating. The entries themselves are well-written, and their cosmic implications could set the stage for interesting conflicts in the future.

However, many players aren’t looking forward to Eternity’s End. The high concept and detached story of Shadowlands has not been popular, in part due to the poor reception of the Jailer and his plot. The ever-escalating concepts of Shadowlands have added density to the already-dense World of Warcraft story, and have led to what many call “cosmic burnout,” leading fans to hope for a return to Azeroth after Shadowlands. Nevertheless, Shadowlands is ending, and its story will influence the future of World of Warcraft, for better or for worse.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available on PC. Eternity’s End is currently in development.

Source: Wowhead

Source: Gamerant

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