World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Pre-Orders are Now Available – and Very Expensive

Pre-purchases for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight are now available, complete with tons of in-game rewards, collectors items, and a high price tag.

When it announced Dragonflight in April, players were surprised World of Warcraft did not make pre-orders for the upcoming expansion pack available. A few months later, World or Warcraft has finally started selling pre-purchases for Dragonflight, but at a steeper cost than any expansion before it.

Like recent previous expansions, World of Warcraft offers four versions of Dragonflight: Base, Heroic, Epic, and Collector’s Edition, each with increasingly epic rewards. However, all the Dragonflight editions have seen a $10 price increase from their Shadowlands counterparts.


All editions come with Dragonflight game access and the Drakks minipet, but the Heroic Edition also gives players a level 60 character boost, an Alexstrasza-themed murloc minipet, and the Tangled Dreamweaver dragon mount which was partially datamined in WoW months ago. Players who splurge for the Epic Edition also get a bronze dragon-themed Hearthstone effect, a blue dragon-themed crown transmog, five dragon wing backpack transmogs, and a free month of game time. These in-game items can be claimed immediately after purchase.

Those who go all in can get the physical Collector’s Edition. In addition to the digital products from the Epic edition, it also comes with the Dragonflight art book, five pins featuring the Dragon Aspects of World of Warcraft, and a mousepad with the Dragonflight key art featuring Alexstrasza, all in a collectible case.

While the in and out-of-game products are fantastic, the increased price point is less so. The Base Edition costs a whopping $50, the Heroic $70, and the Epic $90. The Collector’s Edition runs for a massive $130. This price increase seems a bit high, especially given the game still requires a $15 a month subscription fee on top of it, but it seems World of Warcraft is following the trend set by many AAA titles by increasing its price.

Many players are excited World of Warcraft has finally opened up pre-orders. They have loved what they have seen of Dragonflight so far, and have high hopes for the expansion. The new mini-pets, mount, and cosmetic items are also of excellent quality, and could be considered must-haves for dragon enthusiasts in World of Warcraft.

However, plenty more fans are angry about the price increase. The $10 blanket hike is even more egregious when converted into other currencies, with a higher total increase than US WoW players have. Though many World of Warcraft fans will still put down the money for the expansion, the price increase simply means Blizzard will have even higher standards to meet if Dragonflight is going to soar.

World of Warcraft is available on PC. Dragonflight plans to launch later this year.

Source: World of Warcraft

Source: Gamerant

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