World of Warcraft Announces Exploring Azeroth: Northrend Via Amazon Listing

World of Warcraft has been no stranger to new product announcements in the last couple of weeks. Recently, World of Warcraft revealed the location of the next entry in the Exploring Azeroth book series: the frozen continent of Northrend.

Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is being written by Alex Acks, award-winning science fiction and fantasy author. They have written for Blizzard in the past, with the Starcraft II short stories, One People, One Purpose and another found in the Nature of the Beast comic series. However, Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is their first time writing for World of Warcraft.


The book itself will explore the northern continent of Northrend, subject of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Like its predecessors, Exploring Azeroth: Northrend will be narrated by beloved Warcraft characters–this time, readers will have the “expert guidance of Clan Bronzebeard” to rely on. Considering Muradin and Brann Bronzebeard have strong narrative ties to Northrend, it is more than likely they will be the main narrators, but it is possible their elder brother, Magni, could appear as well.

The first Exploring Azeroth book, written by author Christie Golden, examined the Eastern Kingdoms, and it was widely considered to be a delightful lore dive into the original continent of Warcraft. However, Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor was not well-received. The tome, written by Blizzard’s historian supervisor Sean Copeland, was full of historical errors and inconsistencies in characterization. What’s worse, the book relied heavily on outdated, racist stereotypes that enraged and disappointed many fans.

Many fans are upset World of Warcraft is releasing another Exploring Azeroth book without addressing the problems with the previous one. A number of readers are hesitant to buy another when the previous one was so problematic, and they want Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor to be revised before they put money down on Exploring Azeroth: Northrend.

That said, most World of Warcraft fans are glad to see Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is being written by someone outside of Blizzard. Alex Acks is a relative newcomer to writing for Blizzard, but they are a long-time fan of World of Warcraft, and their writing history is as interesting as it is acclaimed. Many hope Acks will give Northrend the treatment and development it deserves.

It hasn’t been lost to World of Warcraft fans that Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is scheduled to release on October 18th of this year. Many wonder if the release will correspond with Wrath of the Lich King Classic, which was recently announced for a late 2022 launch. Players will have to wait and see if the atlas’ release date is a hint as to the impending Classic expansion or if Exploring Azeroth: Northrend will be delayed as its predecessor was.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC.

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Source: Gamerant

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