WordleBot Tool is Meant to Make Players Better at Solving Wordle Puzzles

Part of Wordle’s success is that it’s both easy to learn and difficult to master. Of course, luck plays a significant role, but as with many popular card games, the primary learning curve is figuring out how best to use that luck.

Fortunately, Wordle fans now have a new tool to aid them with that process. The new WordleBot tool helps players master the game by mathematically analyzing their performance.


The New York Times acquired Wordle in January and created WordleBot to help players master the game. Accessible through a web browser, players can upload their most recent Wordle for the WordleBot to analyze. This requires opening both in the same browser on the same device, though players can also upload a screenshot and have the WordleBot scan that instead. It then goes line by line, choosing the words that make it to the correct answer with the fewest attempts, which usually work out to be about three tries. WordleBot then provides the user with various stats to help improve their performance.

WordleBot ranks the player’s overall game on a scale of 1 to 99 in the categories of luck and skill. It then does the same for each guess along the way. It also explains how helpful each guess was and why. For example, on Wordle number 257 from March 3rd, guessing the word “power” reduces the number of possible words from 2,309 to only 186. A second guess of “court” further narrows it down to two, though WordleBot notes this is primarily due to luck. Finally, WordleBot considers the guess of “fours” wasted since it didn’t add anything new beyond ruling out one option. At this point, the only possible answer is the correct word, “mourn.”

WordleBot Solution second guess

WordleBot also makes its own guesses and compares its attempts to the players through various metrics. These include the average number of solutions left after each guess, the actual number of possible solutions, whether that guess is a potential solution, and the expected number of guesses to find the correct answer. Using the above example, the word “court” leaves two possible solutions, while the WordleBot’s guess of “chant” leaves three. WordleBot also offers the option of a much more detailed breakdown for interested players.

WordleBot Solution third guess

As a side effect, WordleBot may also give a scientific answer to which Worlde starters are the best. According to The New York Times, WordleBot had the most success starting with the word “crane” on Normal mode and “dealt” on Hard. However, The New York Times notes that the WordleBot has a perfect memory of all 2,309 possible answers. Thus, the computer may be able to see paths that human players can’t.

The New York Times hopes that providing this information helps Wordle players to think more analytically. It doesn’t give players the answer but might come in handy for anyone serious about upping their Wordle game. Whether this affects Wordle’s reported decline in popularity is another question entirely.

Source: The New York Times

Source: Gamerant

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