Wild Skyrim Mod Lets You Trip Out on Skooma

A wild new mod for Skyrim allows players to trip out on Skooma. In the past, Skooma in The Elder Scrolls games has mostly affected stats, despite in-lore being considered a hallucinatory narcotic. This mod brings it closer to Bethesda’s original intentions.

Skyrim owes much of its popularity to its modding community. The game is still receiving more mods weekly than any other title on Nexus Mods, despite releasing in 2011. The scale of the mods being released for the game varies wildly. One recently-released Skyrim mod completely overhauls bandit gameplay, freshening up a key element of the game’s core gameplay loop. That isn’t even the biggest – the “Skyblivion” mod aims to completely recreate Oblivion in Skyrim‘s newer engine, and it could still be years away from release. At this point, a heavily-modded Skyrim game can be anything players want it to be.


The mod titled “Skyrim on Skooma” was uploaded to Nexus Mods by popular modder JaySerpa. According to the user, the mod adds 69 different Skooma trips to Skyrim, as well as over 1000 different variants of the scenarios with changing music and visuals. Each of these trips lasts 60 seconds, but have consequences in the game, with gamers able to become addicted to the substance. JaySerpa released a YouTube video showing off some of the new Skooma trips, and it looks wild. Included in the video are a cheese mammoth, a big-head mode, and a chef mudcrab among other bizarre effects.

There are other mods that adjust the effects of Skooma, but none have been quite as in-depth as this one. Best of all, the mod is completely compatible with any other Skooma mod, so it can be used alongside other Skyrim mods to amplify the effects. Modder JaySerpa specializes in small quality-of-life mods for Skyrim, and this one quickly ranks among their best. Other popular mods that gamers could recognize them for include the “Bandit Lines Expansion” mod, and the “Skyrim‘s Got Talent” Bard expansion mod. JaySerpa doesn’t seem to reveal their future plans, but there’s no doubt that they’re not done with the game just yet.

While many gamers wait patiently for The Elder Scrolls 6, plenty of others are beginning to get excited about the modding potential of the sequel. Over the years, Bethesda has been very supportive of the modding scene, providing all the tools necessary to overhaul its titles in new and exciting ways. It’s presumed this support will continue with The Elder Scrolls 6. Some fans even think that Bethesda should look to Skyrim mods for influence on The Elder Scrolls 6, and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise given the company’s history of hiring successful modders in the past.

Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Nexus Mods

Source: Gamerant

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