Well, here’s Shrek in Fallout 4

From the same warped mind who brought you Austin Powers in Mass Effect, here’s Shrek in Fallout 4, which takes another Mike Myers character and inserts him into a videogame where he uncannily seems to belong.

In this case maybe it’s because Fallout already has gigantic green mutants in it, or maybe because Fallout 4 is so moddable we’ve already seen it turned into anime and a musical. Although there is a mod that lets you wear Shrek’s head as an armor piece (opens in new tab), I haven’t seen the troll who everyone insists is actually an ogre inserted into Fallout before, though.

The video by eli_handle_b․wav leans into Fallout 4 memes like everything involving Preston Garvey and the Minutemen, but I’m most impressed by how natural Shrek looks picking up and swinging around Atom’s Judgement, the super sledge with a bunch of glowing fusion cores on the end. It’s a long way from Austin Powers running from Mass Effect’s husks.

You may also have seen previous eli_handle_b․wav productions like Leslie Nielsen in Detroit: Become Human and Kermit the Frog in Half-Life 2 (opens in new tab). They’re not all winners, though. Unfortunately not even putting The Mask in The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab) can make The Mask funny. Christ, what a shitawful movie that was.

Source: PC Gamer

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