Weird Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Shows Dutch Falling Out of the Sky

One Red Dead Redemption 2 player shares a weird video that shows Dutch interrupting one of Arthur’s missions by falling out of the sky.

When working on Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games produced an incredibly complex and vibrant world that almost seems to be alive at times. This gives the game an incredible amount of replay value and hidden secrets, but it also means that some strange events can occur. One Red Dead Redemption 2 player found their gameplay interrupted when Dutch van der Linde mysteriously fell out of the sky in front of them.

As a seemingly fatherly outlaw who gradually goes more and more off the rails, Dutch van der Linde is one of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s most important and polarizing characters. His actions, and the way the player has Arthur Morgan react to them, go on to determine the course of the game, so it’s not surprising that a player might want to keep an eye on what Dutch is up to. However, it is a surprise to see Dutch inexplicably plummeting out of the sky.


Redditor Sammysnoodles46 shared a short video chronicling their attempt to begin a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2, an attempt that was soon derailed by Dutch’s fall. The video begins with Arthur Morgan slowly and menacingly pursuing his target through narrow streets. However, the tension is broken when a comedically high-pitched scream is heard as Dutch inexplicably falls out of the sky and lands face-down on the pavement.

Sammysnoodles46 quickly had Arthur Morgan approach Dutch, but Dutch immediately picked himself up, seemingly no worse for wear. He greeted Arthur Morgan casually and then ran away down the street, as though he’d suddenly realized he needed to be somewhere else. Arthur Morgan’s character model didn’t seem to acknowledge the event at all. This isn’t the first time Red Dead Redemption 2 players have observed a funny glitch, but it may be one of the most bizarre.

As of writing, it appears that other fans also found the sequence of events to be odd and hilarious. Several users immediately typed up a conversation between Dutch and Arthur Morgan where Dutch tries to convince Arthur that the fall was part of the plan. One user commented that Dutch ran away so quickly because he was embarrassed, while a second user stated that Dutch couldn’t fight nature or gravity. A number of other users began discussing Dutch’s scream, with one user theorizing that it was a default NPC scream while a second noted that it sounded like Mario.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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