Weird Oblivion Glitch Shows NPC With Contorted Neck

A new clip shows a strange glitch in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion that causes an NPC to twist into an unsettlingly unnatural posture while talking.

While it still remains common for players to jump into the latest Elder Scrolls title and find new and interesting glitches, it’s likely that fewer revisit Skyrim‘s predecessor Oblivion from 2006. However, as some players continue to put time into the open-world classic, playing and modding Oblivion even today, there are still plenty of opportunities to find ways where the game doesn’t present itself perfectly.

This latest example of Oblivion behaving incorrectly comes from Reddit user LadyOfDales, who posted a short clip to the game’s subreddit. It’s a minor glitch, but it causes a conversation with an NPC to have a creepy and inhuman feel to it, without even having to talk to one of the many non-human characters throughout the game.


In the video, the player can be seen approaching an NPC who’s riding through Oblivion‘s world of Cyrodiil on horseback and attempts to start a conversation as they pass by on the road. This turns odd when the NPC’s head appears to think that the player is much higher than they really are, causing the character to crane their neck to look upwards. However, the action has an odd visual to it from the angle the player is actually seeing it from, as this mismatch of sight causes the NPC’s neck to twist in an unnerving way.

While this does make for an interesting sight, it at least isn’t one of the many glitches in Oblivion that might affect the actual gameplay and interactions with some creatures and NPCs. This is still an odd enough event to warrant being shared alongside the many other glitches that fans have found from across the entire Elder Scrolls series. It isn’t every day that players see an NPC that hasn’t dropped into rag-doll physics being contorted in this type of strange position.

No game is completely free of glitches of any kind, although many titles within the Elder Scrolls series have previously been defined by some of the more interesting ways where the coding gets confused, sometimes in the player’s benefit. That being said, even with glitches that can allow players to duplicate items, or sends Oblivion‘s NPCs flying into walls, it’s rare to see game-breaking bugs in the most recent updates and editions of Bethesda’s games. This is part of what sometimes can make the bugs feel like more of a feature than an issue, as more often than not they simply show the cracks, rather than breaking the floor completely from under the player.

Oblivion is available now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Gamerant

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