Watch new Apex Legend Ash, and the CAR SMG, take on trios alone and win

When you’re challenged to win a game of Apex Legends solo versus squads on the new season 11 Storm Point map, it’s not going to be easy. But that was basically the whole point of our No Filler All Killer challenge.

If you’ve been following our introduction to everything the new season has to offer, then you’ll know we’ve come prepared with finely tuned knowledge on new legend Ash and her abilities, the new CAR SMG, and how to play the new location to our advantage.

Eventually, that is, because taking on an island full of trio squads alone is no easy feat, and even with all our preparations there were always going to be a few… let’s call them warm up matches, to get in the zone. Alright, a lot of warm up matches, but give us some credit here—a single person against 19 three-player teams is one hell of a hill to climb. But, with the power of Ash and the CAR SMG, we got there via squad wipes, dogged persistence, and some tactical running away.

Our road to victory started slowly, with the energy ammo double whammy of the HAVOC assault rifle and the Volt SMG to take down our first team. While fighting off interference from a line of smoke-happy Bangalores, Ash’s Phase Breach ultimate gave us the perfect tactical edge as we used it to teleport to higher ground, losing the enemy’s line of sight while also giving us the perfect opportunity to get a better look at the battlefield. From there we easily chalked up another team wipe. So far, so good.

Ash’s unique skills saved us again when we came up against a Rampart, laying down heavy fire from behind their Amped Cover shield. While that might have ended up in a game over for some Legends, Ash’s Ark Snare held the heavy gunner in place while we repositioned and, with the help of a high-balled grenade, got the knock on Rampart and another team wipe.

From there, high on wins, we checked out some of the Storm Point map’s caves to take out another team, before killing a pack of the local prowlers to grab some ammo and attachment drops. With help there again from the Ark Snare to trap one of the creatures and even out the fight a little.

However, by this point, with so much on the line, nerves were setting in and when a long distance ambush from a nearly invisible opponent caught us off guard we used the island’s gravity cannons to bravely run away…

Straight into another squad.

However, by now we had another edge—the new CAR SMG. Using its ability to fire both light and heavy ammo we were able to lay on some long distance hurt with the heavy rounds to get another squad wipe; before switching to the rapid fire light ammo for the final wipe of the game to take our well-earned place as match champion. Thanks Ash: Couldn’t have done it without you.

Source: PC Gamer

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