Walmart is Restocking PS5 Consoles This Week

Retail giant Walmart is restocking its supply of PlayStation 5 standard and Digital Edition consoles for certain customers later this week.

Sony recently shared some bad news about its PlayStation 5 console. Even though the PlayStation 5 has technically been on sale since November 2020, it remains extremely difficult to purchase at retail price, and it looks like those problems will potentially continue until 2024. Considering this, anyone that wants a PS5 but has yet to pick one up will want to try their hand whenever a restock is announced.

Retail giant Walmart has confirmed that it will be restocking its PlayStation 5 consoles come Thursday, June 2 at 12pm PT. However, there are some caveats to keep in mind when it comes to the next Walmart PS5 restock. For one, the next Walmart PS5 restock will be online-only, so customers shouldn’t expect to walk into their local Walmart stores and walk out with a console in tow. Secondly, the next Walmart restock will be exclusive to Walmart+ members.


For those unfamiliar, Walmart+ is a relatively new subscription service for Walmart. It comes with a variety of perks, one of those being first dibs on console restocks. The Walmart+ free trial will not be enough for one to try their hand at getting a PS5 console in the next restock, however. Those interested will have to make sure they are signed up for a paid version of Walmart+, which costs $98 per year or $12.95 per month. Those who are only interested in the PS5 restock could sign up for the $12.95 per month option and cancel after they’ve secured their console, but those who shop at Walmart regularly may want to take advantage of the discount they would get by signing up for the $98 per year option.

Walmart PS5 Restock Time and Date

  • Thursday, June 2 at 12pm PT (Walmart+ exclusive)

Regardless, the Walmart PS5 restock will include both versions of the console that Sony has released so far. For the uninitiated, there is the standard PS5 console that costs $499.99, and then there’s the PS5 Digital Edition console that costs $399.99. The two consoles are the same in terms of power and gaming capabilities, with the only real difference being that the standard PS5 has a disc drive whereas the Digital Edition does not.

If one fails to secure a PS5 console in the next restock, they should have more opportunities from various retailers in the weeks and months ahead. Nowadays, signing up for Walmart+ or GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro seem to be the easiest ways to get a new console without paying scalper prices, so those who still have yet to get a PS5 may as well give them a shot.

Source: Gamerant

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