Viral Video Shows Heartwarming Reaction to Xbox Series X Christmas Gift

The wife of an Xbox gaming superfan is going viral this holiday season after surprising her husband and son with an Xbox Series X.

Few things are as exciting to gamers as receiving a new console for Christmas. Be it the nostalgic thrill of reuniting with a childhood favorite or the exhilaration of unwrapping a brand-new ninth-generation system, it’s a joy that, for many, makes the holidays all the merrier. A video capturing the magic of these moments recently went semi-viral on Twitter, even garnering a response from General Manager of Xbox Game Marketing Aaron Greenberg.

In the waning hours of Christmas Day 2021, Twitter user @sanchezana posted a clip of her husband and son opening a present. The two hold their eyes shut as she slowly lifts the new Xbox console out of the box in which it was wrapped, and the reaction was nothing short of priceless. The father’s reaction genuinely seemed to be every bit as genuine as his over-the-moon son, and it’s the sort of heartwarming moment those in the holiday spirit look forward to seeing.


In the Tweet, @sachezana made known her excitement about finding the notoriously hard-to-get console before Christmas. She tagged both her husband and Aaron Greenberg, who responded with the short-but-sweet comment of “love this so much!” The response to the tweet was very positive overall, with many congratulating the poster for her excellent gift-giving abilities and recalling similar holiday experiences from years gone by.

Of course, her husband’s hobbies and interests weren’t exactly a secret. His Twitter is loaded with posts about Halo and Xbox, and his bio commemorates him as one of the “original Xbox FanFest attendees.” That said, the console has been difficult to find since launch, and it seems as if even mega-fans aren’t immune to the current shortages.

Interestingly enough, while @sanchezana managed to get a hold of the Xbox Series X, the Series S is actually one of the highest-selling consoles at the moment. Reports suggested that it was the best-selling system on Black Friday, and this likely has to do with its reduced price point and availability relative to other news consoles. The major drawback to the Series S variant is the lack of a disc drive, which may put off dedicated fans like the father and son duo featured in the clip.

The overjoyed reaction also brings to mind a similar viral clip from quite some time ago. In 2006, YouTube user raw64life posted a clip of two children opening a brand-new Nintendo 64 console during Christmas of 1998. The kids’ incredible enthusiasm in that clip cannot be understated, and, while it’s perhaps not as meme-worthy, @sachezana’s definitely captures that same kind of childlike energy.

Source: GameSpot

Source: Gamerant

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